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I thought to put this in the CotI Website Issues, but then peart of it is not a question on the site itself. Well I have returned to the site after a long... uh break I guess is gooed enough and I was wondering on a few things. Now on to the Questions (really only two):

What is the Imperal Guard HQ Sub Fourm?


Anything else I missed between now and a little after the Moot first came up?

Any help would be very much appreciated
The Imperial Guard bit is a closed discussion for some helpers MJD wanted for some design crunching and drawing for an upcoming couple of TNE 1248 publications. He might still be taking applications, the thread is here:


The other question is harder to answer
I'll have to come back to it but others might help too.

Welcome back :D
The big discussions this summer, IMHO, were fan designed versions of CT+ and the proto-Traveller setting.

Go to the IMTU forum and the CT forum and look for anything with CT+ in the title.
How long of a break did you take? (just asking so I know about how far back we should have to go to bring you up to date) ;)
Pretty much since the Moot came online, no more then 1 or 2 months after that. Sorry if that wasn't to clear... should have specified more.