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BAB question


SOC-14 1K
The more combat oriented classes (Merc, Army, Marine) start receiving a second attack each round at level 6 which has a lower BAB than the class' original BAB.

Let's say a Marine, after obtaining enough experience points to reach a character level of 7, took a level in another class or in a prestige class. If that class or prestige class provides a +1 BAB at the level taken, does that +1 apply to both of the character's attacks in a round, or just to the first one -- the one made with the higher BAB?
It applies to all attacks. Second and subsequnt attacks are given every time you hit +6, and five points lower, and all BABs for classes are added together, so Marine 5, Mercenary 1 has a total of +6 - enough for a second attack.

It is worth noting that attack modifiers for Dex and Weapon Focus (and so on) do not allow extra attacks if they take you over the threshhold, only total BAB (though I get the impression you already realise this from your post, other people who aren't D20-savvy might miss it).