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Austin, TX and surrounding Area...


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Good afternoon, All,

While I'm not quite ready to run a T20 campaign, I am interested in seeing who might be interested in playing, or who might run a campaign for others to join in. As I live in Round Rock, just north of Austin, TX, I'm hoping that I can find some local gamers interested in a little Traveller.

Thanks in advance,
Thanks, Gravride, but I've actually got a game starting up in January now!


If you hear from anyone interested in joining a monthly game (life schedule won't allow for more frequent) up here in Austin/Round Rock, please have them send an email to:


This is a mailing list I've created to support the players between sessions and any interested lurkers.

Sent a mail to that address, but if it doesn't go through, I'm from around there and am more than willing to play =D
Corpus is a bit of a ways from Austin: probably around 200 or so miles.

I take it you're headed there next?

It's about a seven hour drive, I think. Maybe less, but definitely at least five hours. Still, I understand that there's a Houston game going on you might look into. It'd be closer anyway. But if you did come up, let me know in advance, and I can arrange a place to crash for you, should you need it.

Keep On Travellin',
It's on the dream sheet, along with P'cola FL and Singapore. Should have an answer sooner or later. Usually there's a billet or two open in at least one of the conus ones. Singapore is just a dream...
Been there on a westpac, would live there if I moved out of US. (and no, contrary to my vargrish nature, I'm not gonna get in *THAT* much trouble) Nice and safe for families. Would be nice to end up in an area I can play some trav while inport once or twice a month... Thanks for the offer Flynn, I may just take you up on that if I end up there.
I love road trips anyways. Open the windows, crank the tunes, head out the window.... Arrrr!