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Atlas of the Imperium


Can someone point me to an atlas of the imperium on the internet that shows all of the sectors and subsectors. I have been looking and found a few with a lot of dead links.
How canonical are the star maps at Traveller Central? Especially, the ones for sectors outside the normal boundaries?

I want to use the Khaeaw and Faoheiroi'iyhao sectors to build my non-Imp star nation. But, of course, some of the UWPs are not useful at all. I plan on regenerating a few, without adding many systems.

(Yeah, I know "canonical" here is stretching it a bit. But, if I publish what I come up with, I wouldn't want it to conflict with the OTU too much.)
Those are old CORE data files, of unknown provenance (CORE didn't bother saying where it got its files). Their canonicity is near zero (any canon value they have comes from having been sitting around for some time on a couple of mapping sites, thus giving them a certain amount of inertia in the fan community).

However, the odds of them ever being overwritten by official canon is also pretty much zero.
Are they based on anything in particular? (Not a lot of background on the Core site.) How much of the known universe IS mapped in OTU?

Or, TNE or T20, for that matter?
Just trying to be as helpful to everyone as you guys are to me.

More later,
Originally posted by Fritz88:
Pardon my ignorance, but what is PBG in those files?
<morphs shape into Aramis>

Evening Fritz88, that would be the extended data set of:

P = Population level - A further definer of the Population code of the UPP string, use the P as the leading digit followed by the number of zeros indicated, for example a system listed C695735-9 321 would have a population of about 30,000,000.

B = (asteroid) Belts - How many asteroid belts there are in the system, in addition to the "mainworld" asteroid belt if in fact it is Size 0.

G = Gas giants - Pretty self explanatory, it's how many gas giants there are in the system.
BTW, in perusing the link from Flynn, I noticed a sector called Far Frontiers. I see its origins, but I don't see anybody else reference it (in, let's say, the Traveller Central map). Where does it sit in relation to the other sectors? (I like the grid codes from the Traveller Central map - Solomani Rim is IG.)
Far Frontiers had some work done in it by the FASA (I think it was where the Sky Raiders trio was set).

I believe it is one or two sectors trailing of the Spinward Marches.

Some of the online mapping systems show it.

Sector located at astrographical coordinates (-6, 1).

That link locates it in known space as two to the trailing of SM. First to trailing is Foreven (which might have been the one left for player development...? I might be confused there) and the second is Far Frontiers, and bits of it were developed by FASA.