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Assistance! Ahssistance!


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Needing help please!

Some time ago while perusing the web for Traveller stuff I came across a little piece of work that some one had done for TNE. It was about bootstraping-colonization, and specifically talked about things like mining, smelters, railroads, etc. In other words, how to get a world up to the mid TL's. It gave specific stats for these items as they related to the FFS1 system. It especially went into some detail on housing. I remembered this as I was thinking about homes of the far future [see Lonestar Topic] and went looking for it to see if it would shed some light on the subject. But now I can't find this document [aargh!] Does anyone know where its at? Can any one find it? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
Thanks MADDOG, but its not in those. I already checked BARD; didn't think of checking Tavonni, but it didn't turn up there either. IIRC, its buried in the back of the site I discovered it at, I just can't seem to remember the site again [deep frustration :mad: ]. Thanks for trying though.
Ahh..I remember when I first started up with my astrogation, I found a copy of the Clew map, only to not bookmark it, then spent 2 days trying to find it again...Never did... :(
I don't know of too many TNE sources on the web.
There's also :
But if it wasn't BARD, or Tavonni:
The only other repository I can think of is the Missouri Archives:

Don't know what else to suggest...
Plop101-that work was done by richard perks-go on Tne-list and ask for a copy-he monitors it still, he's a good pal of mine Tne-wise over in UK..we collaborate in adventure writing matter of fact.
He also posts here to Coti but infrequently

I'm sure he'll send a copy if ya ask nice..

---Imperial officer outta here!
Thanks Richard!<smiles> How's things in UK this week?

Stinking hot 28 degrees - much to hot for manchester.

Going offline for a couple of days, computer upgrade - see you next week