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{ARTWORK} Rendered Mercenary Cruiser!


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Thanks to Eric Runnels for the cool rendering he did of the new style Mercenary Cruiser for T20! You have to check this out in the Artwork Gallery!


Originally posted by hunter:
Thanks to Eric Runnels for the cool rendering he did of the new style Mercenary Cruiser for T20!

What? No more happy fun ball for the merc crusiser? Heresy!!

Seriously. It looks really cool, and I look forward to seeing more of his work.
Yup i do like these..... okay i may be a little biased as the Merc Cruiser happens to be my favourite ship anyway... i just love how it looks for some reason. But anyway i digress the rendering is Ace.
just a little. The line drawings had the side pods level but I tilted them down to give it a better look when I did the cgi.
Thanks for doing those illustrations!

Just more modeling (solid, zoom-it-around-the-room kind) motivation!

Once I finish up the Scout and the SDB that is.... :rolleyes:


i am all flattered out at what you guys can do with my puny ole drawins...wish i were computer literate!

but hey, either i am old fashioned or more likely tecnilogically challenged, i must make do...generally i almost always freehand, withn occasional assit from a staightedge.

geez, i love those clean lines! Beautiful work... between you and Ted Lindsay, it all looks great!
Reminds me of Star Trek DS9's Defiant, at least a little bit.

The turret guns look like plastic bits from a toy.

Otherwise, looks good.
Yea it was not a done CGI when I posted. It still needs work in the details ie. Guns and stuff.

Hey Bryan I might make a living doing graphic work but all artist have their own artistic strengths and weakness. if you asked me to draw like you with a pencil I'd be asking for help! Their are very few complete artist in the world so all endevors in visual communication end up as a team effort. So keep up the good work. I just wish you had more ships to render but I guess I might try doing the ATV. hehe