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Arthur Denger


updated 350/370 Local

Arthur hault-Denger
Imperial Interstellar Scout Service
Courier Branch
UPP 594F86
Ratings: Pilot-1 Navigation-2 Engineering-1 Computer-1 Jack O Trades-1 Shotgun-1 Vacc-0 Dagger-0

Status: Detached

Current UPP [Classified]
Current Ratings: [Unavailable]
Instelbank Balance: [Restricted- Access Level Beta and Higher ONLY]

Born on Ivertia in 318, Denger signed on with the Scout Service, serving for 12 years with Courier Branch in the Frontier Worlds of the Imperium on the fringe of the Zolan Empire. Due to severe budgetary cutbacks in the Sector, he was placed on Detached Duty with a surplus Type-S, Evening Lady, at his disposal. For a time, he partnered with Lee Tennison of Renataniand in various commercial and non-commercial enterprises, some of which turned out to be viable.

In 348, Denger acquired the gunned sloop Caroline, a 300 ton Type-CE. Drop tanks and particle accelerator weapons were later retrofitted. Subsequently, he was granted a Merchant Escort license for Firehorse Subsector, and still later (during the Uprising), a Ducal Letter of Marque. For many years prior to the misjump his company, Denger Enterprises LIC, engaged under contract in a variety of courier, merchant escort, VIP and system security enterprises in the Germania, Pomorania, Firehorse and Cambre—Draco subsectors.

Recently, Denger was awarded a fief of land on Keli Ga (B245789-A 0301 Bakkula/Ilelish), by the Will and the Whim of the Emperor, accepting the title of Baron. Some of Denger's interests include exploration, anthropology, zoology, human and xeno-archaeology, art collecting, painting and toodi photografi. He is considered somewhat of an authority on fine liqueurs.

In addition to his official duties, Denger is currently working to establish a gummiberry vineyard and koffi plantation on Keli Ga. Spare time is devoted in large part to writing his memoirs and organizing a pictorial account of his travels.

Favorite quote: "Action is the true test of ability." — Old Terran maxim