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Art from the GDW Collection

Holy crap! You aren't kidding!! :eek:

Nice images, though. If I had the cash, it would be a nice pickup. It would be interesting to see how things would play out if Marc were to put them up on eBay.
I am glad that he is offering these as giclee this makes it much fair for everyone to enjoy. A CD ROM of what also has been on eBay plus assorted other treasures would not go wrong either.

I wonder if he has the original of the AC Farley Rebellion Sourcebook, as the artist no longer does...
I'll sell you a link to the prices

Oh all right, my expert computer hacking skill demonstration this one time for free

Are you sitting down?

zee prices

I warned ya :eek:

Now I'm curious what makes them worth so much more than other (some would dare say better) similar artwork in giclee print? Like two to four times as much. Is he guaranteeing a very exclusive limited print run of single digits? Or something else? Is it the collectibility of these? Or a perceived gullibility or fanz? Or, as I suspect, are those the prices for the originals? And if so then how much will the giclee be? And what kind of print runs are we talking? There really needs to be more info on the site, but then this is probably a not quite ready for offer project.
These are the original pieces? They are very nice but with all due respect to the collector and the artist I can’t see spending over US$1000 on it.

Too rich for my blood, strictly Soc 9+ stuff.

Those who pre-ordered the T2000 collection a couple of years ago got original art from T2000. I scored a MI-8 Hip (Soviet transport helicopter) and an SKS. :D