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AR and AP


Page 154 of the THB states that a +7AP round cost 70 times as much as a standard round. So a TL14 Gauss Rifle mag would cost Cr2,100? Is it just me does this seems a little, err, excessive.

As far as AR reduction for AP goes does this apply to all aspects of AR. ie. Does it affect Armour Class, giving a better chance to hit and Damage Reduction?

If so, a TL15 Gauss Rifle will actually damage an AR15 Grav Tank.

Should there be some sort of limit on AP rounds other than TL?

John Robertson
Well as a GM I limit my players to AP +3 or reducing the AR of a targets armor by 3 points. Ex. AR 5 to AR 2.

The reason is that any AP ammo over 3 would definately be in the domain of the military of the Imperium.

In fact because ofthe exspense of AP ammo I'd figure the army and Marines et al would limit their procurment to something along the lines of AP +3 also.

You might find some units with AP's higher, but they would be exceptions, units made just for tank busting or bunker busting etc.

I would also require that the players or a mercenary unit have to have a special permit issued from the powers that be for ammo that powerful.

Needless to say, you could buy it on the black market, but it would be VERY exspensive and if your caught with it...[shakes head]

Let's just say that the powers that be would frown on 'civilians' having AP ammo that could cut through combat armor like butter.

I personally LIKE the costs of AP ammo, makes it special and makes it WORTH the money spent and makes players on a budget consider what kind of bang for their buck they are getting.

The Man Behind the Curtain

P.S. There is an errata mention of the costs of AP ammo, it's in the errata section and if my memory serves it's the costs on page 154(?)
I wouldn;t allow AP rounds in civilian hands at all - I put +3(or less) as being 2 law levels above the gun that fires it.

above +3 may be available to some marine snipers in particular roles - it makes rifles as good at penetrating vehicles as vehicle lasers - ie if you gave it to troops, vehicles may dissappear