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Anyone Need A Player?

Hi, Im Strephon, deposed Emperor of the universe you seem to enjoy so much... Hey, My system of government may have been corrupt and stagnant, but at least you still would get an xboat delivery on time, now and then.

I have been playing TRAVELLER for nigh on since it came out, and am wondering if anyone is looking for players for their online email campaign... Of course, I am very familiar with the "Classic" rules... (For my credits, the best of the lot) but, in order to accomodate the future, I am just starting to get my feet wet with T20, which looks very promising. I would Referee a game myself, but I am currently DM a "classic" D&D campaign, as well as playing in another game called "Aberrant" I live in the USA, (in a very remote area) but I guess that that is irrelavent, as this is the computer age...

My favorite sorts of characters are (in no order) Scouts, Belters, Pirates, Nobles, Scientists...

My favorite Races are (again in no order)
Vlani, Vargr, Hivers, K'Kree

I like games that have "depth" and are not solely just a spacegoing shootout, but don't get the impression that I can't fire an FGMP-15.

I am by no means a "gearhead" (unless were talking about High Guard) and am concerned more with the flow of the game.

In conclusion, I hope I find a home in my long exile, as I am tired of living out of the ATV pod in my modular cutter.

"May your Vaccsuit always have airtanks, and may your Gaussrifle have a full clip of needles."
--Strephon XVII

Unto Strephon XVII,
"Count of Solee" Liam Devlin,
"Baron" Restraunteur of LOnestar chat restraunt
(K'kree anyway ya likes em).

On a serious note ser.
We are a group[ from this list who game online, one of our members is overseas in Germany, may I extend =to you an invitation to mail us at:

or myself at
for more details.

Details of our adventures thus far online are found on random Static