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Anybody notice something missing...


SOC-14 10K
...look down, no lower, lower, yep way down there.

Oh well, c'est la vie.

And did anyone else notice something returned? I heard familiar bootsteps in the hallowed halls of government and saw a light on in an office long vacant. Welcome back ;)
Well, the forums were down for a while and all I (and others) got was a blank page with "FYI" on it. So that was certainly missing...

EDIT: Oooo! Now I see it. Or rather, now I don't. Yay! So who's our saviour?
Good riddance !

And good to see you, Far-trader.
By Jupiter, it is!

I did notice that the latest post in The Bureaucracy is dated the 17th -- one of the forums there is missing, too!

I think I owe someone a favour...
Weird, your post is showing as being written by me on the "Today's Active Topics" list, but it's showing up as you (Heretic) here.

The "One Less Moderator" thread is gone too, that might explain the date thing you noticed. I noticed it disappeared just before the first "FYI blackout" around 2pm PST today.
Finally! Good riddance to bad rubbish. I visited there once, looked at one thread, and never went back.

looking around...

It seems a recent thread dealing with admins, mods, and suggestions to remove a certain forum has disappeared also. Perhaps COTI has a new 'angel' walking the halls?

Well, whatever happened or is going on, here's hoping we see more of it.

I "Second the motion", Bill--with the caveat I never went there, and missed nothing I see.

I smell..ammonia, pine oil...aha..!
Looks like the janitors are back!
Originally posted by Liam Devlin:
I smell..ammonia, pine oil...aha..!
Looks like the janitors are back!
Hiver janitors. With loads of mops. ;)

Finally! One less thing to waste time on while trying to avoid doing any work. :D

And in case any hexapeds are listening, deckplans come under the heading of 'fun' not 'work' in this context! :cool:
Woohoo!!! :D

EDIT - Interestingly (for tech geeks anyway), the 'pit can still be read (not that anyone would want to) if you know the URL. I guess it hasn't been completely purged (which is the better route IMO).
*Jame looks down towards the Pit. When he sees that it is no longer, a relieved smile spreads across his face.*

I'm actually glad that the Pulpit's gone. Maybe, just maybe, it'll force some self-moderation.

And we apparently have a new moderator.
I was wondering where the spleen and bile had gone . . . .
I think this is for the best.

All hail our new All hail our new Protector ! May his reign be long and mild.
"And we apparently have a new moderator."

[polishes badge]

There's a new sheriff in town...

Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry - I'm really pathetic, and frankly it would just be embarrasing for everybody concerned, so please be good.
So Andrew and Kafka47 are new mods... anyone else? Shane is still listed as a mod (in the "moderated by:" list at the top of the boards), presumably that's wrong though?

It'd be nice if Mods had some identifying feature when they posted though - Andrew's rank as "Marquis" is just a generic rank, it doesn't imply he's a moderator. Unless I'm missing something obvious.