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Any new Halloween adventures this year?

Ran Targas

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Today is the day! :eek: All Hallow's Eve! :eek:

Anyone run any interesting (and hopefully new and inventive) horror adventures this weekend? Or even any old ones with new and inventive twists?

Come on, fess up and share the wealth! No idea is a bad one!
Didn't run any, but I watched Brotherhood of the Wolf last night and I thought that could make a great Traveller backwater world adventure. A beastie attacking the villages and the adveturing party is sent in to investigate...

More importantly, in Australia it's Melbourne Cup day!

For the uncultured: that's Australia's most prestigious horse race. The whole country kind of stops while it is being run. And so does Papua New Guinea, and probably bits of New Zealand, and anywhere else where Australians can be found in significant numbers.

There has to be a scenario in Poni racing.

Scary Poni racing...

(Or Kian racing, or any other riding critter racing...)
Patron idea.

A man thinks his house is haunted and hires the PCs to investigate it. Turns out his brother is trying to drive him nuts to get a hold of the estate because his great uncle is about to die and leave the bulk of his wealth to the estate holder. The brother is using the maid and a series of holographic projectors she manages to make him think he is seeing ghosts.
Originally posted by Kurega Gikur:
The brother is using the maid and a series of holographic projectors she manages to make him think he is seeing ghosts.
And he would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling kids!
Okay, I'll run with this concept ...

A research fellow at the Imperial Polytechnical University on X was presumably killed during an experiment in matter transportation. After the accident, the lab is shut down and the equipment scheduled for the scrap heap. His fiancee, a research assistant in her own right, was absent during the experiment (maybe she is pregnant with his child?). She has decided to return home, with the experimental equipment, and needs a lift.

During the jump home (which requires a stop in an empty hex) the experimental equipment mysteriously powers up and the missing man literally falls out onto the deck. On discovery, he is unconscious but recovers rapidly. Still, he has no recollection of what happened or of any missing time. But as the jump progresses, he starts to shows signs that maybe he's got a problem. It all begins with solid objects occassionally phasing thru him (cups, clothes, door handles), then he is witnessed by a single crewman becoming semi-transparent in a quiet passageway, then he starts suddenly appearing next to people, seemingly out of thin air. All this is excused, of course, by him as "absolutely absurd" and his fiancee, elated at his return, takes up for him. Then, he starts remembering things from his accidental absence; very disturbing things ...

At this point things take a turn for the worse. Something bad happened when he was exposed to jump space, something really sinister. He cracks and starts showing all the signs of being insane and a danger to himself and the crew.

Now psychotic behaviour coupled with near invisibility and the knack to walk thru walls means Jack can come out and play! First, he goes after the fiancee and baby, particularly the baby, thinking it will somehow cure his condition or appease the outer gods or whatever he is ranting about. He attacks anyone getting in his way as if he was an edged weapon and the opponent had no armor. Lots of blood! :eek:

Maybe when the ship comes out of the first jump (in the middle of the empty hex), he'll appear fully in charge of his faculties and exhibit none of his amazing physical abilities? Or maybe he disappears entirely, leaving the crew to decide whether to risk another jump. There's an interesting dilemna for your PC's.

Eventually though, the crew will have to figure out how to get the genie back in the bottle or get him off the ship. How is up to them. How many he takes with him is up to you!
You are a bad man to come up with this kind of scary stuff :eek:

I like It!

Perhaps his child will display some of these traits (presuming the child lives long enough to develope?)...

Perhaps "Whatever" caused his condition is within him (using him as a host?) and can "Infect" other members of the crew?

An undiscovered life form?
A symbiotic type?
Go right ahead Fritz, just let me know how you improve on it!

I would recommend a lot of solitary play, with the bad guy seeming to stalk them whenever they are alone. Maybe he can appear in multiple places at one time?

Maybe have him keep trying to impress on them individually how sane he still is and how their panic over this whole thing is totally unnecessary.

Maybe his eyes seem almost like windows on to j-space; black bottomless pits that seem to draw light from around the room.

Maybe his appearance is always preceeded by a sudden drop in temperature and an muffling of ambient noise.

Maybe he camps out in the engine room by the jump drive, mumbling strange, garbled sentences as he lovingly(?) caresses the machine; it seems to trob in syncopation with his touch.

Maybe one of the NPC's becomes close to the girl and, though initially dismissed as pure jealousy, suspects something is wrong long before the boyfriend exhibits any psychosis. He can be the first to go!

Maybe have a few NPC's around too just for fodder; no sense in slaughtering a PC just to prove how dangerous this guy is.

Have fun!
Here is a thought...the players have been hired on as a submarine crew for a routine (read: unarmed) scientific survey. They pass through some sort of electromagnetic disturbance possibly an EMP as the world has recently undergone a thermonuclear exchange between its two primary nations. This fries up the controls. Finally, they get the sonar to get working. The forward aft sonar shows a guargantuan structure looming not more 1km away of all sorts of weird angles that couldn't be natural phenomena. As repairs continue...there is a distinctive scratching heard on the hull yet all sorts of external sensors (which may work or may not)... show nothing...
Cthulhu? Naw, you don't say. No rather I was thinking that one could take the Abyss until the Aliens show up to save the protagonists. But, yes, I was influenced by Grace Under Pressure. But, I think a submarine provides even more fear than a starship as the environment is unsuitable and it keeps the players in place for much longer and really gives a sense of isolation.
And in the vein
of our old favorite, H.P. Lovecraft, here's a bit of the old ultra gothic violence:


This one calls for a low tech system (only recently space faring) with a distant ice ball and a small ship (player's scout or small merchie).

Players are called to perform a rescue mission to a distant outpost by the system's authorities. They lost contact with the outpost over a month ago after a garbled report of a loss of life support. Their only rescue ship (a 1g supply ship) was lost to a catastrophic accident(?) as it was leaving orbit. The player's ship is the first to arrive in system that is capable of supporting a rescue. The purpose of the outpost is highly classified according to the authorities, but everyone they run into has a conspiracy theory they are willing to share.

The trip will take the players deep into the system's Kuiper belt, over two weeks at full thrust. It takes several days alone to outfit the players' ship for the mission; plenty of time for the players to develop an paranoia about what they are going to face.

When the players arrive on scene, the station is deathly quiet; no apparent signs of any life from the outside. Everything appears iced over and the comms antenna is pointing out towards deep space. On the pad sits a small orbital shuttle, covered in a thick layer of ice. Only one area of the station appears to be radiating any heat, but it's deep inside.

Once the players gain access, they find most of the station shut down; equipment iced over, doors extremely difficult to open, lights out, temperatures hover only slightly above absolute zero. But the power plant is still functioning minimally and providing nearly all its output to the station's control center.

When the players approach the control center, they find a single survivor and he's stark raving mad! (Best if this room is made a large windowed area with plenty of viewing for the PC's) He has barricaded himself in the control center and reacts violently to any attempts to access the space. He screams threats and curses, ranting about imaginary assailants and alien monstrosities, kicking about the empty food packs scattered on the floor! He brandishes a make-shift club and his is face is covered in blood (maybe his own?).

Hopefully the players determine a way to calm him down long enough to gain access to the control center. Even so, he remains delirious, acting with only animal instincts. He gobbles down any food offered him, hardly chewing at all. He seeks confined spaces to hide in and refuses to come out. He often becomes extremely agitated, lashing out at anyone who approaches. He raves incessantly about hideous monsters coming from out of the icy darkness! :eek:

If the players decide to power up the station (the grid is in working condition) and go looking for the remaining personnel, they find several things:

- there are several crewmen safely tucked away in low berths; the pods are hard welded to the deck and the individuals must be awakened to affect rescue; one looks particularly traumatized when thawed out, the others seem distant and almost hostile

- as things warm up, it begins to stink in here; the smell is akin to rotten flesh and seems to be coming from the ventilation ducts

- all the food stores are empty and empty packets fill a handfull of partially blockaded staterooms; their doors have been pried open or forced and signs of struggle are everywhere

- down near the power plant, a blood trail leads to a pile of bloody uniforms, torn to shreds in some act of hideous violence

- behind an access panel not far from the control center lie what's left of of the remaining crew; frozen, stripped of muscle, and all showing signs of a grissly death

There is really nothing wrong with the survivors (the nut and the popsicles) except they're hiding a gruesome secret. They managed to survive the ordeal by murdering and then cannabalizing their fellows. Unfortunately for the players, the survivors now have a certain taste for human flesh
The lone conscious survivor is faking his lunacy in case he's found out; he knows he can always claim temporary insanity later. Given the opportunity, the survivors will attempt to lure any solitary players into the depths of the station for dinner ... particularly in an effort to cover their bloody tracks! :eek:

If the players manage to get everyone on board their ship, the traumatized popsicle will cave into the pressure and spill the beans. When the food starting running low and the hording began, the guy in the control booth coerced the others to murder and then consume the horders. When the news gets out, the cannibals will immediately attempt to take the ship and kill the players to prevent the authorities from hearing of their crimes!

Make sure to bring a couple of NPC's or munchkins as appetizers!
What!?! Nobody does goth anymore!?! Guess the headlines are horror enough for most people.

Maybe next Halloween I'll run my infamous


That will definitely chill some souls!
Next year, I will actually try to run a contest with some real prizes and we publish in Stellar Reaches, if that's ok with Flynn.
Also, has any of you played theancient computer game Project Firestart? I'd be willig to build an adventure out of it, after I'll finish the Aboleth one, ofcourse.

I was thinking especially about replacing the Ox-derivatives of the original Firestart with biomodded rats. Semi-intelligent, as big a a rottwieler (sp?) and sneaky as hell. Think Aliens, with a squeaky bent