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ANIMATED VARGR! (More Rhino Hunter)


SOC-14 1K
Here's the finished AVI pan of my Rhino dropship model. You can read more about the development of this model in the WIP forum on this site:

Rhino Hunter WIP

Or on my website:

Nick Bradbeer's Rhino-Hunter

The animation is an 11 second pan of the ship in a docking bay including crew and other bits and pieces. It's 1.6 meg to download and requires DivX 4.0 or better to view.

You can get the DivX drivers free from here:


Click on the image to download:


Originally posted by Scarecrow:
Here's the finished AVI pan of my Rhino dropship model.
That is *dead* cool, Scarecrow. I love all the little details - the lights in the sky, the scout flying in overhead, the Vargr taking a couple of goes to get the box on top of the pile (and the wagging tail afterwards was a neat touch too!)... oh, and the ship itself looked very nifty

How's that modified scout ship of yours going, BTW (the one with the engines that looked like "turbines")? I've lost track of that...

I thought the Scout was brilliant - you just keep getting better.

Definitely captures the feel of a "working" spaceport rather than some pristine star trek equivalent.
Bloody Brilliant!!!

Quit your job and sit around and do Traveller eye candy like this all the time.

I'm sure the community here would be glad to pay your bills. :D