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Andromeda for 2300



In the past I've tried converting ships from TV SF etc. to Star Cruiser: 2300AD. I've just had a go at the Andromeda.


I've tried converting the Andromeda Ascendant from
Andromeda. She's a Glorius Heritage class Cruiser, a typical combined Battleship/ Carrier from most SF from Battlestar Galactica on (Galactica, Saratoga, Agamemnon whatever).

In terms of size, mass and dimensions don't square
(rarely do) so I decided they meant feet instead of meters. Hey presto, basic common sense equation worked fine. IMHO this is actually quite common, with people aiming for Nimitz sized starships (~1000 feet long) but getting mixed up with meters.

Andromeda space combat is most like 2300 of any series on TV, the only real changes were the nature of the missiles. In Andromeda they have Anti-Matter power (she herself is AM powered, which I changed to fusion), and missiles are accellerated towards the enemy by a combination mass drive cannon launcher and an anti-matter booster, with OM throwing a smart 1kg slug at 75% of the speed of light (25 thousand Terajoules of energy required! Equivalant to a 4.6 Teraton explosion, thats about 500 times the entire
Earths nuclear arsenal in one missile!). It says this in the semi-official FAQ, but combat in the episodes I've seen has much slower, explosive missiles, probably because someone realised at that speed you can't aim a missile.

Anyway, AP cannon became PBWS, PBL's became lasers and offensive missile tubes became missile launchers. Defensive missiles are better modelled as submunitions, which are also the standard fighter armament. She carries a full Regiment (Brigade) of High Guard Lancers. It's obvious she's basically a Carrier, no matter what the nomenclature.

The High Guard had 150,000 fighting ships of all
classes (including slipfighters) at the start of the Commonwealth Civil War, so had probably approaching 1000 actual combat starships, after fighters. By the time of the Climatic Battle of Witchhead the High Guard Argosy had less than 100 warships, while the Nitzceans (sp?) had 1,500 vessels.


Design Date: ?
First Example Laid Down: ?
First Example Completed: ?
Fleets in Service: Commonwealth High Guard Argosy
Number in Service: In the low dozens during the
Commonwealth, currently only 2 known to have survived the fall of night, Andromeda Ascendant and Pax Magellanic (went insane)

Streamlining: None

Warp efficiency: 2.99 (3.24 full power to engines)
Andromeda is slightly faster due to her lack of
fighters (move 7)
Power Plant: 600 MW Fusion
Fuel: 8,928 tons (10 refuels for each fighter)
Range: 7.7 light years
Mass: 96,945 tons standard
Cargo Capacity: Negligable, may use hangars
Crew: 4,132 (42 Bridge, 208 TAC, 83 Engineering, 414 Stewards, 372 Small Craft, 2,875 Troops, 138 medical);
Passengers: 0
Comfort: 0;
Total Life Support: 180 days
Cost: MLv1,043.037 (Excluding Small Craft and
Ordnance, paying for multiple TC etc.)

Ship Status Sheet
Move: 6
Screens: 6
Radiated Signature: 5(8)
Radial Reflected: 10
Lateral Reflected: 14
Target Computers: +2;
Radial Profile: 0
Lateral Profile: +6
Armour: 5
Hull hits: 680
Power Plant Hits: 400
Active: 16
Passive: 12
Other: AI Entity, 90+% of crew may be replaced by

12 x3-2 PWBS in jack turrets with UTES(12x 128)
12 x2+1dbl lasers in gun towers with UTES (6x 12345, 6x 15678))

Ordnance Load
40 offensive missiles in individual bays (use SIM-14)
16 Oracle (HD-5) Attack Drones
8 Janus (LH-22) Attack Drones
64 Communicators


Upto 124 Slipfighters or landers (launching every 3 turns per tube, assume 4 launch tubes). Half this is a rate of 1/ turn/ tube. Slipfighters are Martels with the Armour removed (it fit the armament which is all that is known)

Sensors and Electronics:
Navigation Radar
Advanced Life
Advanced Cartographic

Crew Hits:
Bridge: Captain, Navigator, Helm, 12 Engineer, 2
Communications, 2 Computer
TAC: 24 Fire Control, 64 Remote Pilots, 124 Flight
Controllers, Active Operator, Passive Operator

Damage Control: 62 (Including spare bridge crew)
Looks good. Are you planing to run an ANDROMEDA Campaign using the 2300AD rules, or are you just trying to define Andromeda Ascendant in 2300AD terms?
Originally posted by Secrect Cow Level:
Looks good. Are you planing to run an ANDROMEDA Campaign using the 2300AD rules, or are you just trying to define Andromeda Ascendant in 2300AD terms?
Just an occassional hobby. I *still* haven't managed to convert the Enterprise-D over though.