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And god said to man...

Courtesy Douglas Berry from the TML


You know, I've seen that picture so many times and never spotted that before. Guess I wasn't in the correct mindset for it.
Heh... good one. Mr. Nemeth
So How goes? As one more experienced in things Military (Canadian) I may ask for your help later. If your willing.
I think God has a sense of humor - it would really explain a lot in my life. But I also was wondering if it was that he was telling us what he really thinks of his creation. Or maybe he's just an Angst-ridden Artist.

Gets me thinking about something: ever notice that in archaology, no one ever for a minute thinks that anyone in the past has a sense of humor. Just think of one of those old pottery bowls with pictures of people having sex on them. What if that was the ancient version of ⌧? What if someone digs up a small totem and doesn't realize that it was just some caveman making fun of another one? "Hey, come take a look at Thog's ugly face! AHAHAHAHA"

And on a Traveller note: What if the Darrians were actually trying to make a DarrianCola advertisement on their sun? Or it was supposed to be the ultimate Darrian Independance Day fireworks display?

I think I've been reading too much Hitchhikers's Guide to the Galaxy. Or the Far Side comics. Or not enough sleep - or all three.

"God is playing a comic to an audience that's afraid to laugh."
- Voltaire

Just a thought,