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I play the Ancients differenly than the "official" setting. I treat the entire Dryone as a fallen race who was once great - as a species - with "Grandfather" simply being a leader.

I also introduced the concept of the "super-sport" a very highly developed caste of Dryone lost since the ancient times.
Originally posted by savage:
I do something similar. Grandfather is the closest translation of the actual name...etc.

IMTU the more accurate translation is "High Revered Patriarch"

"dray" is the Droyne word of father, leader, or patriarch. Yaskodray means a double meaning of grandfather and High Revered Patriarch.

I also have another surviving Ancient, one of the grandkids! His name was Dustavval, which I translate has "Beloved/Cherished One/Child". He was a Tech/Sport prodigy of Grandfather.

Some Droyne legends know him as Dustavdray, "Beloved Father".