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Ancient Awakenings website grand opening.

Well, I've finally done it...

After taking some time to kick its wheels and spin it around, Ancient Awakenings is open for business. I'm hoping to see some of you guys come by and try out the message boards.

I have also posted my stories on the message boards. They will be posted there from now on so that I don't have to repost constantly.

Any comments/advice from those of you who have sites of your own would be deeply appreciated.

Thanks to all of you who gave advice on my story thread. You were a great help.

I also want to thank EN World for the use of its news link system. It works great!

Mr. Oberon
"Hey, It actually worked?"


What is ?

What is it? Is it a Traveller variant? Is it a Traveller pocket universe? Is it a Traveller player club? Is it a Traveller scenario/campaign? Is it a cult? Is just a website to visit? Is it a vegetable? Is it a mineral? Is it an animal? Can I touch it? Can it touch me? What is it? I wanna know. I don't know. What is it? :D
Frank, what kind of meds are you taking, and can I have some? :D

It's the website for a setting I'm developing (slowly... very slowly...) for gaming in a 'modern' fantasy world. The setting info is explained better and in more depth on the site. Register and post to get a big grin out of me!

:D :D :D

Mr. Oberon
"Hmnnn... And I was worried about flooding."
Okay -- if he's gonna start making you grin you buys better take it off line before I get the fire-hose......