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An as-yet-unnamed race.

Imagine a race that is so paranoid as to make a Pierson's Puppeteer look like a Congressional Medal of Honor candidate...

They appear as 2-meter tall mobius convolutes, with no specific shape or structure - just a distorted region of space that moves and talks. Their ships look about the same, and the only way to reliably detect them is to note the amount of energy expended by a gravity thruster plate as it is 'aimed' in different directions (energy expended decreases asymptotically as the mass of the alien or alien ship increases).

Firing or throwing a weapon at them will cause the effect of the weapon to be deflected completely or turned directly back upon the attacker with maximum damage, due to the nature of their defensive convolute.

The race is actively non-aggressive. They will never attack, preferring to leave the scene of a battle rather than take part. They may rarely pick up a few wounded or dying sapients and transport them to the nearest medical facility.

They act mainly as merchants of information - the answer to every question must be paid for by the questioner, including "How much will it cost me for you to answer this question?" (Ans: 10cr) Every one of these creatures has access to the same knowledge base as any other creture of the same race (are they all the same individual?).

As the GM, I have not yet decided on a name for this race; or if their mobius convolute is their true form, a psionically-created effect, or an effect of some artifact they carry.

They are useful for beginning player groups, but are too much of a 'Deus Ex Machina' to be useful on a regular basis.

Opinions, please.

"What do you mean I can't cast a 'Telepathy' spell? My character is psionic!" - A recovering AD&D addict.
"Mobius Convolutes" sounds like a pretty good name for a race if you ask me. Though note that it's "Möbius", strictly speaking.

If you want to explore a bit, though, go to Chris Pound's Name Generation Page and browse through the random names it pops up using various language seeds -- real languages, artificial languages from books, and so on.

I use it all the time for naming planets and things, and I'm pretty picky about my names.