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An artists contests! All you traveller artists....

bryan gibson

Absent Friend
Well, Im proposing a contest. Its just for fun, and the only prize is bragging ights, But Im giving my entry to Flyn for his zine, assuming he wants it, and propose maybe he take on the others as well? cause there are plenty of talented artists out there in our community.

THE SUBJECT : Illustrate the following Character ( in CT stats, any would do but what the hell, heres what I had, straight out of Citizens of the Imperium drawn at randon by dice roll)

A merchant patron. STR 6 DEX 8 END 5 INT 11
EDU 9 SOC 10

A well established merchant of three terms.

The subject may be depicted as male or female, in vignette or in scene. Blavck and White, or color at the dicretion of the artist.

THE CHALLENGE : do it the old fashioned way - NO DIGITAL. Pen, pencils, chalks and charcoal, or whatever, but no digital coloring, no CGI of any kind.

The idea is to strech our artists abilities the old fashioned way ( and maybe put the lie to those that say manual art is dead)

Submitted digital to the contest will be cheating, against the spirit, and shall be pointed at and laughed at mercilessly. (although, yes, some smartass will make a point of saying we scanned the stuff in digitally - they can go eat groat deargh)

Yes, it is a challenge- but one that should be fun, and allow more folks to join in than might think - CGI art IS art, but if you don't have the proggys, well - there ya go. Here, anyone with a pencil and crayons can jopin in.

I'm steppin up to the plate, and saying Flynn can have my piece!

We did this on one of the art boards I subscribe to - a lot of fun.
Why does this thread make me think of being asked to a friendly bicycle race by Lance Armstrong? ;)
No "undo" button ? Real colors, paper, pens ?
I'm an engineer, no caveman.

But live just makes you tougher.
So, guess I have to steal pens and stuff from my children...

Mr. Gibson, Youre a really mean person ;)
It's a cool idea. I just have too much on my plate at the mo and the subject doesn't really interest me.

Hmm. Well, I'll stick tpo the old fashioned way.

pencil of bristol.Inks folllow

Well here is my very poor effort. I will definitely stick to my dayjob!

(HB Pencil and printer paper)


Bryan, ravs, I am in awe of you and other artists who can take a pencil and create a personality.
Thank you, rob and TE,

I was kind of hoping that by posting my picture (from which it's clear that my artistic skills are limited) that others would do the same for the fun of the competition regardless as to how good they are at drawing.

There are times when I wish I could attach my brain to Bryan's and copy and paste all his artistic talent!

Heh, nice one, Madarin Dude. Bit of a hair loss problem for three terms, though - might want to have a look at that rad shielding on his free trader ...
Thanks, Guys! I'll definitely post the five best images (and probably the others, as well, but at least the top five) in the next issue of Stellar Reaches.

Issue #6 submission deadlines will be December 1st. I'd love to see how many submissions we can get before then, though.

Thanks, All, for your continued support,