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an apology to folks

bryan gibson

Absent Friend
well, here goes..

I wish to apologize to the foilks here on the boards, publicly. I have , in retrospect, been very short ( and in some cases harsh or downright abusive) to some folks here.

Basically, PTSD is no joy, and while I have people skills at times they just go plumb away - some bad news a couple of weeks ago basically nailed me where I live, and I am sorry to say this affected much of my temper, better judgement and patience.

I didn't see it at the time, and it took my mentor and group mates to get this across to me, and it mortifies me I treated some folks the way I did - it wasn't my intent, nonetheless, it happened.

Thats no excuse, and I accept my responsibility, suffice to say it cased me to lash out a some folks here who didn't deserve it.

Foremost of these was The Baron saarthuran. To him especially, i apologize, for I threw some bile his way he didn't deserve. Baron, assuming it counts for anything, I'm sorry. may not, and I do understand, but for what its worth, I tender my apologies.

Same to some of the folks on fleet - I've had my issues with past events on the boards here, but i could have addressed them with greater care ( and generally do, or try to, anyway

I regret any hurt feelings or grief I gave anyone, feel free to toss me a PM if anyone has a question.
Well, I'm not one of those offended, However, I would ask that you empty your PM folder so that some of us can actually send or respond to your PMs!

What do you say?

Greetings and salutations,

We're still cool with each other. I hope everything gets back to a state of normalcy for you. If you need some eyes to bend, drop me a PM.
Hey! Where's my bad treatment?! How come you didn't yell at me? :mad:

I demand an apology for not being the subject of your temper
bryan: I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing PTSD.

PTSD is such a pervasive condition; it affects every aspect of life, all at once, to a greater or lesser degree. I hope you're getting all the help and support you need.

<CotI's visiting Psych Nurse>
Well, Bryan, I believe sparring is part of the course in any community. So long as we can learn from our errors, why not, blow your top every so often. I know that you & I have had our differences but so be it, that is what life is all about - imagine if we all thought and acted the same?
On my part, I apologise if I caused offence on the Fleet forum. It wasn't intended. The pictures you've posted are amazing. I was asking for perfection, a difficult ideal. I took no offence in return.

On a plus note - try Mozilla Firefox + extension ToCyrillic.

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