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Alternate Laser idea


In my Traveller Universe, I hit on the idea of having variable power settings for laser weapons.

Basically, pistols, carbines and rifles each do the same amount of damage depending on what power setting they're on. The only difference between the three is pistols - one handed, short range; carbine - two handed, medium range; and rifles - two handed, long range.

Now, there are five power settings:

Level One: 1 point of damage, basically it's meant to be a 'stun' setting, a la Star Trek. It draws one power unit (or I think Traveller calls it 'power factor' - same thing, different word).

Level Two: 1d10 points of damage. Draws two power units.

Level Three: 2d10 points of damage. Draws five power units.

Level Four: 3d10 points of damage. Draws ten power units.

Level Five: 5d10 points of damage. Empties the battery.

What do you think?
Neat idea.
I am not sure which rules you use, but this is possbile to calculate with FF&S and the laser design there. See Reformation Coalitions Equipment Catalog for examples.
In CT I allow laser carbines and laser rifles to interchange power packs.

The TL8 3kg LC power pack has 50 x 4d shots, or 200d.

The TL9 4kg LR power pack has 100 x 5d shots, or 500d.

I suppose you could allow the LC to fire off 1d, 2d, 3d, or 4d shots, while the LR could go up to 5d.
You could also adapt the PGMP/FGMP power packs to provide energy to a laser weapon:

The TL12 3kg PG power pack has 40 x 10d shots, or 400d.

The TL14 1.6kg PG power pack has 40 x 12d shots, or 480d.

The TL15 2kg FG power pack has 40 x 16d shots, or 640d.
I've always allowed lasers to do less than their standard damage, if desired.

Also, gauss weapons have a subsonic "silenced" setting, which does 2d.