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Almost... done...

I've been in the long process of painting up two sets of GZGs figures and I'm... almost... finished with my army of UNSC Troopers (aka Imperial Marines in Battledress); all I have to to do is finish up flock the bases and seal them. After that I've got a platoon of ESU Naval Infantry (aka general high-tech troopers) to complete.

Like most miniature gamers, I have a massive surplus of unpainted figures that await my attention. At the rate I'm going, you'd think I'd be finished with all of them by now. However, the curse of all lead-heads is to purchase more and more as you paint, so you will never see the end of it.

Mark A. Siefert
Eyeing a platoon of GZGs New Isreali Assualt Troops (aka troopers in Combat Armor) and the Paul-Veerhoven's-Starship-Trooper Bugs (aka big ass bugs.)
You have to be very careful with mini painting. I once had a friend who actually finished painting every piece of lead he owned and ... He promptly dematerialized. He was never heard from again...

(Stolen humor courtesy of Dork Tower.)