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Alien alien?


My first adventure (as GM) involved the party investigsating a Broadsword class Merc Cruiser, drifting in orbit.

The ship was infested by my rendition of the Alien movie's alien. Being also my first critter', the Alien was woefully underpowered and rather easily defeated.

Since, I recall having seen Trav specs for the monsty, but don't recall just where.

Anyone have those specs kicking around?

A classic space critter that sho9uld be archived for posterity, and for the next time I try to terrorize a group of Travellers!

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Daleus:
..sho9uld be archived for posterity..<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Great idea - The Beasty Files!
You can find it in JTAS #4, which will be available in the upcoming reprint of the old JTAS issues.

It was a 'Bestiary' write up in that issue.

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