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AirRaft images?


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Anyone know where I can find images of Air Rafts?

I've so far got Bryan Gibson's drawing from the T20 site art page. I've got the illustration from the MT Player's Manual aswell as the side elevation from the MT Encyclopedia. I've got the side elevations from GURPS and CT too.

I'm not interested in purchasing old issues or supplements. It's not that important that I get hold of any more. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any others I can find online. Google doesn't really throw up anything other than Bryan's illustration and some air beds =)

I'm specifically interested in illustrations or illustrative plans (like the ones mentioned). Line-drawn plans (such as in visio or CC etc) aren't much use.


There's this one:

which links from http://www.urbin.net/t20pbem/hdp.html

And this one:

from http://www.compulink.co.uk/~fubar/Traveller/Gallery/index.htm

Here's one more:

but it might be a bit lower tech than what you're looking for.
My good Baron is gracious. I humbly offer my many thanks and gratitudes. I have been an admirer of your work, my liege for some time and regularly visit your homeworld in the hope of glimpsing something fresh and new from your drawing board or factories.

I am also grateful for your offer of a repaint of the rather swarthy looking air raft pictured above. I am however more keenly engaged in finding purely design illustrations and plans of a 'Ling' standard type as pictured in many of the published Imperium vehicle brochures so that I might more accurately construct a computer generated similie.

May you long keep up the exemplary work and may your purifiers never clog.

Your humble servant,

Alas, my most kind Lords, I have been toiling of late, and have not had time to bust out new Stuff... I have been working on a 1/72 scale model of the ISS Hidalgo, our ship in "Pulp Hunters"... (it is over two feet long!)Pictures to follow... somewhere in the Bins is also a 1/48 scale "Ling" Air/raft Model, about 4 inches long or so... I will find it... hopefully...

Why, my good Baron that sounds absolutely mouth-watering. Please post the images as soon as is humanli possibly.

Kindest regards

Your humble servant,

Well it worked for ten mins right after I posted it.......I give! (untill I figure out how to post pics to this thing)...sorry
Hi Scarecrow, this may be a little late but I kept forgetting to copy and paste the link. You may have seen it already but here you are anyway...

Stretch Air-Raft

I call it a 'stretch' version cause it is longer than most versions, which actually fits quite nicely with the T20 requirement of a 5T bay for it.

It also matches the little deckplan version I did for the T20 Scout, which I will still post eventually
I hadn't forgotten, I'm just slow adapting to the new computer and restoring all the backups.