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AHL class ships

Bard Refuge, Bard Endeavour, Arrival Vengeance, Azhanti High Lightning...
What is the logic behind theses names ? If there is a logic...
To Quote from Arrival Vengange (I'm at home and the book was handy

It is typical for ships of the Imperial navy to adopt the crest of a previous ship bearing the name, but this was not possible for most of the vessels of the AHL class, which is still remembered in the navy as the most comprehensive collection of byzantine names devised by the ship names board.

As far as I know "High Lightning" refers to jump. Most of the other names seem to be the product of a random ship name program run by the navy with a few (Children, 1000 years) given specific names relating to something important.

Basicly there is no logic to the ship names.
I use no logic to some of my ship names, and logic for others. In TA#7 I made some up, used Vilani generator for some and some foreign dictionaries for others (Serbian, Swahili and Arabic were all used to translate appropriate words for names).
I don't think that there is much logic to most of the AHL ships. There are some groups of related ship names, but that's about it.

Coming up with 50+ related ship names without devolving into silliness (Bob Lightning, Alpha Lightning, Bravo Lightning, etc) can be pretty tough unless you are working with names (drawn from people who have won the Starburst for Extreme Heroism, for example).

Not too different than some current ship naming schemes. The Nimitz class carriers seem to be named for an admiral, presidents, and 2 congressmen nice to the navy.

Not so sure about the other vessels of the class, but the logic to the names AZHANTI HIGH LIGHTNING and ARRIVAL VENGEANCE is the logic of sounding infinitely cool.


Minatory Periant and Loculus Farthing Echo are also pretty cool names

By the way - isnt there an oil tanker called the Condolezza Rice? Who came first - the ship or the person?
The ship was named after the person, who, at the time, occupied an important executive position on the board of the oil company chartering the ship.
She hasn't got "a face that will launch a thousand ships", but that's a start... ;)