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Adventures/Modules in the Rim


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Besides AM6's companion adventure and A13, which Traveller modules and adventures are set in the Solomani Rim sector?
Double Adventure 3; Death Station takes place in orbit around Gadden, The Argon Gambit is set on Janosz. Both worlds are in the Harlequin subsector.
All the ones mentioned above, plus...

"Adventure 15: Panty Raid on the Vilani Noble's Palace"

Adventure 15 is unique because the group is hired by SolSec to conduct the mission.
Just the double adventures.
A8 Prison Planet - Newcomb/Banasdan sector
A9 Nomads of the World Ocean - Bellerophon/Esperance sector
A11 Murder on Arcturus Station - Arcturus/Arcturus sector
A13 Signal GK - takes place in portions of the Sol, Arcturus, Gemini, and Kukulcan sectors.