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Adventure Seeds

trader jim

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any one got some good adventure seed Trader Jim can use???....I know i am leaving myself "wideopen", but can you keep it serious please??
;) :cool:
Here are thirty.

retrieve a doctor from planet. Problem: They won't come because of love affair

hunt a huge fish thing because it is an escaped secret weapon, but someone is cheating in a contest

hunt a huge fish thing because it escaped from preserve, but the hunt is threatened by thugs hired by crimelord

an offshore platform is held hostage

reconstruct an efficiency consultant's movements at an a car show to find out what happened and why

transport a dead body to a merchant starship in another system

a stockholders meeting needs to be guarded from corporate saboteurs

a scientist is in need of a particular military-grade weapon

a planetary governor needs the party to investigate xenophobic secret society

a religious revival is suddenly threatened by rampaging fauna

sneak into a medical facility to rescue a mental patient

transport a celebrity to a laboratory in another system

a ranch is threatened by poisonous plants

smuggle a prisoner into tunnel complex

hunt a huge fish thing to test new hunting gear, but the homebase is quarantined for disease

smuggle a criminal evidence into asteroid mine

transport a celebrity to a hotel in another system

sneak into a zoo to rescue a lawyer

retrieve a businessperson from planet. Problem: They are valuable to a political leader

lost starship carrying a prisoner lost in space due to planned misadventure

reconstruct a famous general's movements at an a meeting of heretics and orthodoxy to find out what happened and why

smuggle a criminal evidence into spaceport on rebelling planet

a merchant starship is threatened by an anti-imperial terrorists

retrieve a military-grade weapon from planet. Problem: It is valuable to a political leader

retrieve a tv preacher from planet. Problem: They won't come because of changed morality

smuggle a sports team into small town

a prison is threatened by a business rival

reconstruct a noble's movements at an a starship christening to find out what happened and why

smuggle an endangered animal into spaceport on rebelling planet

retrieve a medical supplies from planet. Problem: It is valuable to organized crime
How about this: the pcs are sent to retrieve a special item (Referee's choice), the problem is that their contact is under surveillance and hiding in a cordoned-off (although unguarded) abandoned building in a public park. Once they get it, along with their contact (who insists on joining them even though such is extremely hazardous), they return to their ship's berth only to find out that the ship's been moved to a minor port which is only reachable by train. A scene such as the train scene in that Sean Connery Bond movie ensues.
Originally posted by trader jim:
any one got some good adventure seed Trader Jim can use???....I know i am leaving myself "wideopen", but can you keep it serious please??
;) :cool:
Led by Merc tank commander George Daska
the crew obliterate a rebel village
including one outrage where the local
Chieftain is squished slowly under the
tank's tracks and then head off back to
their base.

The problem arises when Daskai turns
right instead of left and the Mercenaries
find themselves in a valley where there is
only one way in and one way out.

Kover Patric, the tank's driver who
doesn't believe in the hideous things
that his unit is doing on Vartor III .
He's continually rubs Daskai up the
wrong way stating his opinions. This
leads to a great deal of conflict and
disunity among the crew, which includes
gunner Stephen Ivan, loader Vasili Dortov
and driver Peter Istan.

On the other side of the new Chieftain now
leads the pursuit of the tank.
a crew man returns from a rather long voyage, his hobby is flowers and gardening when he is "home".
he plants some strange seeds he found on different planets....and guess what??(you fill in the rest)!!! :eek: :eek:
Originally posted by trader jim:
a crew man returns from a rather long voyage, his hobby is flowers and gardening when he is "home".
he plants some strange seeds he found on different planets....and guess what??(you fill in the rest)!!! :eek: :eek:
LOL, yep been done....
Originally posted by trader jim:

any one got some good adventure seed Trader Jim can use???....I know i am leaving myself "wideopen", but can you keep it serious please??
Characters arrive on a poor world with a class E,D or C starport. While trying to pick up cargo, etc., they are enticed to investigate the tale of a remote island which is being plagued by a vampire! The island is inhabited by a small fishing colony and there have been several mysterious deaths over the recent months.

The vampire is an ex-special forces instructor who's gone insane and is terrorizing this village. He's stolen an experimental TL-16 stealth suit and is hiding somewhere in the mountains...*

Alternate slant:

The characters have been hired to "bring in" an ex-special forces instructor who's absconded with an experimental TL-16 stealth suit. While following up on a lead, the PCs hear of a remote island which is being plagued by a "vampire"...*

* Ripped off from Wade Barker's Year of the Ninja series.
How`s this?

A scientific transport ship has gone down. The crew is dead and the cargo has escaped. Twelve extremely dangerous aliens are now running rampant on a barely explored primitive world. Your team has been employed to round them up and recapture them if at all possible.

GMs note, IT`S NOT :D

After the first two or three have been dealt with the teem will encounter a local barbarian tribe. The team must then convince the locals to be friendly or else suffer the consequences for trespassing and wielding weapons of magic. Don`t think that barbarians will be easy meat for your high technology PCs.
In the right hands even a primitive weapon can be just as deadly as advanced ballistic weapons. On top of that these people have incredible metal smithing capabilities. Treat all their weapons as advanced material edge piercing weapons, (provided by LordRhys) If they manage to befriend the tribe, tracking down the remaining monsters will go much smother. If not, the GM will laugh and say some thing like...

Thank you, :D your screwed,
good by.
zanrain-nice twist on the "Bug-Hunt"..with barbarians! verra nice.

suggest a small wrinkle ot two:
(a)Pc's were contracted to rendezvous with ship (in yer post), told by the last message: live cargo, "safari animals". they don't get paid unless they bring em back-alive!!
(b)no gas giant in system, so refuelling means landing anyway!
(c) One or more of the aliens are female, and wwere carrying live young yet to be born..now there's more than 12..oops. mamas will be very-very protective!
Hmmmnnnn...lets see....The pod People???...The Body Snatchers???.....Triffids???...what should i do with rhese seeds???.....children of the CORN????...... :confused: :confused: :eek: :eek:
Trader Jim,

Don't forget about other sources such Colour from Space (Lovecraft) and the Vernoids or Kynoids (Dr. Who), if you need a reason why Monster bashing can be fun but essentially need Science to overcome it but losing one's mind in the process...
How about a simple :D hostage rescue?

An influential nobles daughter is missing. The suspects are a band of galactic terrorist that have been pestering the nobles estates for the past three months. That should be the first tip off, terrorist are never that specific. The rescue attempt gets complicated when the supposed hostage refuses to leave. Things get even further complicated when the teem discovers that they are fighting for the wrong side. The terrorists are really escapee's from your noble patrons slave camps.
Note. the situation will be fairly obvious. The noble couldn`t risk sending in marines because he could be exposed. He assumed that your teem either wouldn`t notice or wouldn`t care. :mad:
The mans daughter was secretly helping the rebels before she was discovered. The kidnaping was the real rescue mission. By now your guys will be wanting to change sides.
Note. drop a lot of hints that they should do this.
After the loyalty shift the bast...er noble will higher an army's worth of mercenaries for no proposes but the total destruction of the rebels.
Be sure your guys know that this includes them. :eek: The odds are hopeless except for one lope hole. If it worked for you it can work for them...most of them. If you win (AKA survive) the noble/basterd will be exposed and dealt with. Marines to the rescue. Yeah....
The mans daughter takes control of his estates and so your teem is handsomely rewarded for their selfless :rolleyes: acts of courage and compassion. After all, they didn`t know she was going to do that now did they? ;)
Here is one idea I will probably use. I think one of my future P.C.'s is a member of coti, but I haven't seen his name on this post...

During a stop at a port, the players notice a rather dirty (soil gentlemen, not personal behavior) woman, being led up to a security desk by another N.P.C. crew. She was found trying to sneak into the cargo hold of their ship. As the woman is being handed over to the guards, an explosion blows a nearby door off it's hinges. Terrorists "in my world they are sword worlders" have managed to infiltrate portions of the down port, and are now "making a statement". Characters can decide to join in or avoid the fight. The girl runs away, and somehow, GM's option, sneaks aboard the players ship.
They don't discover her until they are in route to their jump point. She claims to be the daughter of a starship construction company that her grandfather started. Her father continued, but passed away, so she and her brother took over operations. She wanted to focus the company on high tech advanced ships, while her brother wanted to focus on "inexpensive ships for the masses". Eight years ago, while in route to a "system of interest" (possible ancients site), her own brother sabotaged her jump drive to get her out of the picture. The ship survived but ended up on a system without any advance life. A "unspoiled, unexplored world". She managed to escape in a High G ships boat with an emergency low birth. She spent 7 years in route to the next system. It is a low class planet with a type 1 or 2 at the most facility. Pirates picked her up, took her ship, and dumped her in a back water world. With no money, she is now in route back home, via stowing away, to confront her brother.
The P.C.s can help deliver parts to repair her jump drive, and be rewarded by her in advanced "stuff" G.M.s option, or return her to her own system, and get a reward from the corporation for her safe return. The brother will act surprised and relieved, and reluctantly give a reward. G.M.s option.
My adventure will have a lot more twists and turns, but that is the basic idea.
trader jim asked:

"any one got some good adventure seed Trader Jim can use???"

Trader Jim,

All the adventure seeds you'll ever need can be found in your daily newspaper and I'm not talking about the big stories with pictures. Scan the 'fillers', those columns featuring several with 2-3 paragraph new items. In my local papers, these filler columns come in three flavors; international, national, and local. Using the snippets found there is so easy even *I* can do it.

Here's an example:

"CHICAGO - Imam W. Deen Mohammed, the black Muslim spiritual leader who over three decades transfomred how Americn blacks practiced the religion, resigned yesterday as head of the American Society of Muslims. Mohammed, 69, said he will continue to represent and guide black Muslims and direct his ministry, The Mosque Cares, but would no longer lead the society, the main organization representing his movement."

As a first step, strip every name and descriptive detail leaving behind only the general action and/or events. Thus, the story about Imam Mohammed above becomes; Long time, high ranking religious figure resigns major leadership post and returns to more humble position.

Second, ask the question 'why' with regards to the central act in the news item; Why did the leader resign? (In the case of Imam Mohammed, serving for 30 years and being 69 years old is more than enough of a reason why. I wish the Imam both good fortune and many happy years in his semi-retirement.)

Third, once you've come up with your 'why' question, answer it in several different ways; the leader was told to resign by a higher ranking figure, the leader has always wanted to lay aside their burden, the leader resigned ahead of future trouble, the leader was forced to resign by third parties, the leader was tricked into resigning by an underling, the leader lost an internal power struggle, etc.

Fourth, select an answer to your 'why' and twist it in a few ways. You can do this by adding descriptive layers. In this step, you're sort of reversing what you did in the first step. So, I choose "The leader resigned ahead of future trouble" and twist it into "The organization lead by the leader will soon be having its finances examined by an outside entity. The leader is aware of irregularities and has resigned to avoid any embarassment." That statement just so happens to be your adventure seed's metaplot!

Next, you insert the PCs into the mix at a 'tangent'. The metaplot flows like this; Financial irregularities occur in the past, leader learns audit is scheduled and fears that they will be embarassed, leader announces resignation, followers are shocked and ask questons, leader makes excuses. There are events, actions, and individuals associated with each point it that metaplot, but your PCs will *not* be involved in any one of them. That's what I mean by inserting them at a 'tangent'.

Take a single point in the metaplot and have the PCs intersect with it. The best points for this are usually towards the end of a metaplot. I'll select 'followers shocked and ask questions', so one follower or a group of followers hire the PCs to look into various allegations as to why the leader resigned.

Now it's time to 'hide' the metaplot. The more layers you place between the PCs and the metaplot, the better the adventure seed can be. Among many others, layers can include red herrings, patrons once or twice removed from the metaplot, and inexact information. I'll use two of the three that I listed;

Patrons once/twice removed - One of the followers of the religious leader has an heir. The heir is worried that the follower has fallen under the psychological control of the leader. They feel that the leader's surprise resignation is a chance to bring their relative back to their senses.

Red herrings - The leader was part of a political failed reform movement many years ago. The leader was accused of canonical impiety while working at a remote facility many years ago. The heir believes that the leader may have unusual powers over his followers and whispers the phrase 'psionic'.

Okay, now you have your seed!

Simply, no?

Like Larsen, I get most of my ideas straight out of the news.

Today I got a really good one:
13 Ghost Ships

I mean, this is just SCREAMING to be run by someone. 13 derilict Imperial Navy auxilliary ships that need to be scrapped because their fusion bottles broke, or whatever... I imagine that they are parked in orbit around an isolated moon somewhere. What could be lurking on the ships? What if there are only 12 ships there when the wrecking crew shows up? What happens when the the wrecking company loses contact with the wrecking crew? What happens when only 11 ships show up at the final destination?
Great replies dudes, this is turning out to be a useful repository. How about:

A ship captain hires a PC crew to help him rescue his sister, who's been "kidnapped" and held prisoner in an installation on a barren rock of a world. The installation turns out to be some odd type of sanitorium... is this guy springing his sister from a bedlam? But what about those strange, sealable rooms in the installation, and all that test equipment? And look at those funny logos on the uniforms and sationery... Great Cleon, this place is a Naval Intelligence installation! We're breaking into an Imperial research station! And his sister... well, she's pretty odd, too. She's only 14, but she has this uncanny knack of being able to fire ship lasers with 97% accuracy... yep, real uncanny... Well, at least their inside contact has a getaway ship they can use to escape. Hey, this is a pretty fast ship. It looks like a dump on the outside, but it's slick on the inside, real high-tech... hey, I don't recognize these controls, are they foreign or something? Uh oh...