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Advanced Combat Pistol


SOC-14 5K
This was originally posted on the GURPS Free Forums by a gentleman named Mach Rider. If anyone can do some sort of conversion, say to CT, I'd be grateful.

ACP (Advanced Combat Pistol), 9mm: Dam 4d pi, Acc 3+2, Range 300/1,500, Weight 4/1, RoF *, Shots 20(3), Bulk -3, Rcl 2, ST 10, LC 1, Cost $4,000
Hey, thanks for recalling this Jame. I can take a shot (ba dum bum)
at it. For CT...


ACP - Advanced Combat Pistol (1500grams loaded; Cr1,200; TL7): A military version of the standard automatic pistol the ACP fires the same 9mm round but magazines are not interchangeable. The ACP magazine holds 20 rounds and the weapon may fire in either semi-automatic mode or 4 round bursts.* The nature of the weapon calls for it to be classed as a military weapon for purposes of legal definitions and prohibition (LL3 prohibited).

* Treat as Automatic Pistol in semi-auto fire mode or SMG in 4 round burst mode, but see the Weapons Table and Matrix entries below for differences.

Length: 175mm. Weight, unloaded: 1150grams (loaded magazine weighs 350grams). Base price: Cr1,200 (loaded magazine: Cr15).


Weapons Table entries:

Required Dexterity Level: 7

Required Dexterity DM: -2

Advantageous Dexterity Level: 10

Advantageous Dexterity DM: +1


Weapons Matrix:

Defenders Armor - use Automatic Pistol in semi-auto mode and Submachinegun in burst mode.


Range - in semi-auto mode:

Close +1
Short +2
Medium -4
Long -6
Very Long no

Wound Inflicted 3D


Range - in burst mode:

Close -3
Short +4
Medium +2
Long -7
Very Long no

Wound Inflicted 3D


Additional accessories:

Also available at TL7 are an optional laser pointer or mini-light, either of which may be mounted under the barrel. The laser pointer gives a +1 to hit at close and short range and the mini-light negates darkness penalties at close and short range. Each weighs 250grams. The laser pointer costs Cr100 while the mini-light costs Cr50.

The ACP may also be fitted with a shoulder stock and silencer as per the rules.
Well it could be done as early as TL6 even in CT. I went for TL7 just for a reliability factor and the micro electronics of the laser pointer and mini-light. Oops, didn't put a TL with those did I. Will edit. Also reduced the weight on them.

I don't see the ACP changing with TL9, I think the reason the ACR is TL9 is it includes the Electronic Sights, otherwise it too would be TL6 or so.

I also forgot to note that for Law Level it should probably fall in the Level 3 range, I'll add that above too.
Actually, I would make the electronics integrated - that's why TL 9, instead of 7. Plus, to me, the ACP is caseless - so it's at least TL 8 there. So call it 8 for the original, and 9 for the integrated-electronics version. How's that?
Caseless, good thought. I have caseless pegged at TL9 myself (per TNE) so that works. Just wondering what integrated-electronics you're thinking of. The laser-pointer? No problem. Electronic Sights? Not likely, just too bulky to be much use on a pistol.

So maybe the one above is the standard intro model and at TL9 it goes caseless. Maybe reducing the cost of the TL7 model and using the price above for the caseless TL9 model? The caseless model should also have a reduced weight for the magazine and the gun itself. I'll do some editing later and post a note at the bottom of the thread.

For the ones not into it a brief primer (pun intended ;) ) on caseless ammunition:

A caseless round packs the propellant (gunpowder) in a solid form with the round (bullet) embedded. There is no cartridge (case), hence the name.

The advantages are primarily a savings on weight (important for carrying more rounds) and volume (to fit more rounds in a magazine).

The elimination of the case also avoids some of the failure potential in feeding rounds into the chamber and allows a higher cycle rate. I read when the first ones were being developed that the rate of fire was high enough that with a 3 round burst, all 3 rounds were out the barrel BEFORE it could begin to climb, putting all three rounds in pretty much a single shot group. Additionally without the case there's no need for the whole cartridge ejection mechanics.

So what should caseless rounds mean in the (CT) game? Perhaps a bonus to hit to represent the better function. Maybe +1 across the board for single shot and +2 for burst fire?
TL 7 as an intro? Okay, that'll work. But how 'bout it doesn't have the burst setting until TL 8-9, and some versions may not have it at all - for example, civilian versions.
I don't see caseless ammo being more accurate. Certainly lighter and more reliable. IIRC the "3 rounds out before the barrel moves" of the H&K G-11 was just in burst mode - full-auto still dances around to allow for a better spread.

To be honest, the ACP looks to me like an Auto Pistol firing full-power Snub Pistol rounds instead of low-velocity ones. For single shots I'd just give it the range mods of an Auto Pistol and armour mods of the Snub Pistol.

Full-auto versions I can see being restricted, but a semi-auto would be perfectly acceptable as a civvie weapon. Kinda like the Glock 17 and 18(?).
Originally posted by Takei:
To be honest, the ACP looks to me like an Auto Pistol firing full-power Snub Pistol rounds instead of low-velocity ones. For single shots I'd just give it the range mods of an Auto Pistol and armour mods of the Snub Pistol.
This is exactly how I did the adaptation of the accelerator pistol - the Deathworld books were required reading when we first started Travelling all those years ago.
The originator of the ACP meant - and got me interested in this by meaning - it as a pretty much direct descendent of the autopistol. This is why I agree with Takei in saying that there could be a semi-auto (self-loading, maybe?), civilian version.
The HK G11 is a reat weapon! Because there is no ejection port required, you can bury it in the mud. All you have to do is rinse out the actual barrel. The 1 kick for 3 rounds was in burst mode, and was due (mostly) to the fact that the recoil was absorbed inside the weapon. The barrel/breech/etc actually moved within the weapon, so you didn't feel the kick until it hit home inside the stock. And, this didn't happen (because of the speed of the ammo feed) until that 3d round had been fired (and the first was just exiting the muzzle).

Evidently, the big reason it never caught on is an obsession with opening a crate of ammo, and having your folks load their magazine in the field. (Vice just issuing magazines.)
The burst setting isn't really a TL issue so much as a law level issue. Without the burst setting it's really just a fancy expensive auto-pistol.

Takei, yes I know the caseless isn't more accurate but in CT there's really no way to show the reliability and higher cycle rate allowed, a small plus to hit seemed the best way to model it since the to hit is an abstraction anyway.