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Ability increases question

My character has just leveled up and one of the benifits is the ability increase. I want to take it in intellegence, which also increases the skills I can take per level. I think I already know the answer, but I'm wondering if this could be retroactive, and increase the skills that I could have taken on each earlier level.

For computer generation, it would be much easier for it to be retroactive (you get (x+int)*level), but it would make sense that it only applies to future advancement.

I can't find a difinitive answer (or even a suggestive one) in either the T20 or DnD 3E Player's Manual.

Just curious as it probably means more programming needed for my character generator spreadsheet. ;)
As T20 is based on the D&D D20 system, then I think the explanation given on page 10 of the Players Handbook under 'Changing Ability Scores' pretty much answers your question for sure.

I don't know if you've got that book, but basically it goes on about a character who gains intelligence due to a level increase. It explains she does not retroactively get all the bonus skills points she would have, had she had originally started the game with that Intelligence.

So, looks like you'll have to add that bit of code.

Hope this helps
Yep. Nuts. I missed that when I was looking earlier. The munchkin in me isn't happy about that...neither is the programmer
INT increases aren't retroactive, but CON increases ARE for the purpose of hit points/stamina/lifeblood.