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A spanish with T20


I´m new in Traveller. I´m spanish man, and I´ve bought my T20 in Amazon cause in Spain is very dificult to buy import rpg material.

Well, I have some questions for Traveller (cause I´m knowing Traveller for first time) and T20:

- D&D 3.5 Edition was released, well, T20 is based in 3.0 edition (or Player´s Guide 3.0), then It will have changes T20 system to 3.5 conversion or is not necessary?

- I´ve seen that T20 material is for d20 future too: D20 future material is compatible with T20?

- What games, suplements, or books with d20 system (but not of Traveller) are compatibles with T20 (for example, d20 future? d20 Modern?...).

- Cause I´m new in Traveller world, I need learn about Traveller, T20, settings...any advices about fanwebs, official webs, etc...?

- Which setting are there for exclusively T20? Officials, of course...

- Where I could to buy T20 material that it be online (for web) and it shipping to Spain (Amazon only had T20 Handbook and it was that I bought it?

Sorry if my english is not too good, but my reading english is better that writing.
You do not need to convert anything to 3.5.
You can order some products here.
There no exclusive t20 setting. But Gateway to destiny is good for both t20 and the original black books.
Check out the flibrary (fan based downloads) and elibrary (you will have to pay).
Also so a search here for various topics. Alot of stuff does not need to be converted or is close enough to t20 so you have change it.
My suggestion is to order downloadable pdf so you can print on your printer.
I have an faq for t20 some where here I will give it a bump.