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A question


This question is directed to all of you, who have seen a map of the spinward marches. My question is: Of all the subsectors in the spinward marches, which one has been most extensivly mapped by the cannon(which subsector has the most mapped systems in it) My cursory check says it's district 286. what does your research find?
Off the top of my head I would think it's a near run race between 268 and Aramis (details of many worlds to be found in The Traveller Adventure).

I'll have to go and count to make sure...
I'd put Aramis as a Win, District 268/Plankwell as Place, and Regina as Show. But you'd have to do alot of digging to get all the data for Regina, scattered as it is.
From memory (I'd have to check through), the most detailed subsector is Aramis, but the most detailed worlds/systems are in District 268 (Tarsus, Bowman and the world in Safari Ship). Followed by (not necessarily in order): Lanth, Vilis and Regina.

Aramis in the Traveller Adventure.

Lanth in adventure 3 and other places.

District 268 in Beltstrike, Tarsus, some of the double adventures and Safari Ship.

Vilis in Broadsword, Expedition to Zhodane, Spinward Marches Adventure and a few JTAS Amber Zones.

Then, as Ganidiirsi says, Regina in various places.
Aramis, hands down, because of The Traveller Adventure. Nothing comes close in quantity or depth (in CT).

The Adventure actually has you wander the worlds and see things on them, rather than just pass through like Shadows or Exit Visa (from The Traveller Book and Regina).

Now, if you are willing to use GT sources, there is a wonderful book on the Sword Worlds. Even if you know nothing about GURPS, it is a great book that gives lots of details on the various Sword Worlds and their histories.
Originally posted by daryen:
Aramis, hands down, because of The Traveller Adventure. Nothing comes close in quantity or depth (in CT).
I would respond the way you did, at first...

Then, I remembered I had a list of all the adventures that takes place in the Spinward Marches (all that I could get my grubby little hands on, that is).

Would you be surprised that Regina was the winner?

Yep, they're scattered all about, in many different adventures. But, Regina was the clear winner when it came to adventures set on different planets in a subsector (and, I'm assuming, world details to go with all those adventures).

Second runner up was Aramis, mainly because of the Traveller adventure.

Third place was District 268.

And then...I think Rhylanor came next.