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A question about a Vilani canon source

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One of the Traveller library data sites includes the following:
Originally posted by http://traveller.mu.org/library/library_data.html:
Early Vilani society was dominated by three groups: the shugilii, the aristocrats, and the merchants. Aristocrats were the natural leaders of society, the shugilii were the all important food processors, and the merchants controlled trade....Three bureaus were established, each independent of the other two, and each assigned a territory among the stars for which it was responsible. Each of the three bureaus was effectively identical, but they initially espoused different philosophies, which were based on their origins. The bureaus maintained their own governments within their territories.

Silarurshid, originating with the merchant class, emphasized interstellar trade. lakhidkarhn, originating with the aristocracy, emphasized interstellar government. Naasirka, originating with the shugilii, floundered after it found that it could not control food supplies on most worlds it dealt with, but it ultimately became a broad based organization, emphasizing energy, transport, and luxury goods.
What is the source of this information? Vilani and Vargr? I recall seeing it in a GT book but I don't remember which one.

I'm toying with some different ideas for the Vilani IMCTU, but I'd like to get a better handle on some of the canonical resources first.
It looks like a direct quote from the Megatraveller Encyclopaedia. I cannot at this moment recall if the CT Library Data had any info.

Vilani & Vargr expands on the three caste system, explaining there were many castes but merchants, nobles and shugilii were the rulers. The researcher caste although important to Vilani society were pariahs, untouchables.
Originally posted by Border Reiver:
I cannot at this moment recall if the CT Library Data had any info.
None of this is mentioned in either of the Library Data supplements for CT.

I forgot about the MT encyclopedia.

Thanks very much for the reply!
Originally posted by Sigg Oddra:
MT Imperial Encyclopedia, page 45.
Excellent - thanks again. ;)

The information in the CT supplements is less developed, and I think I may take Vilani history and culture in a slightly different direction, using the original Library Data as a starting point.
Heh - I have a stalled project, "Alien Module 0: Vilani - Emperors of the First Imperium". I played around in Publisher and have the styles & layout spot on to match the other CT alien modules.

I OCR'd the "History of the Imperium" article and some GT and JTAS articles on language, history, and culture, plus some random things off the 'net like Encyclopedia articles, data for Vland sector, maps of the First Imperium, and so on. With some creative editing to backdate the articles to CT terms, the end result feels a lot like a "missing" CT module. Alas, since it's a flagrant use of materials without permission, it will never get finished.

If anyone wants to take the project on I can strip out the content and send over the template.

(On my "projects I don't have time to even start" list: I'd love to get proper content written for it, interior and exterior artwork done in the Keith and Deitrick CT AM styles, then print out a batch for MWM to sell as promotional items to raise money for T5, or something.)
Joshua: why not see if hunter & MWM will approve it as a Moot article?
Originally posted by Joshua Bell:
Heh - I have a stalled project, "Alien Module 0: Vilani - Emperors of the First Imperium...
So I'm not the only one who feels the acute lack of Vilani love in the Traveller universe!