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A NPC just for fun


SOC-14 1K
Just an NPC I liked because he was quirky.
(CT of course)
He was born on a vacuum world.
Bob Smith, Bureaucrat 777887 Age 50 8 terms
Vacc Suit-1, Foil-1, Admin-4, Instruction-1, Liaison-1, Recruiting-2, Broker-1
From Planet Widget B700787-B
His world was founded almost a thousand yeas ago as a mining colony but now has a fully developed economy including agriculture, industry, services and banking. He lives in a city of a million people built mostly underground and on multiple levels.

He is . . .
Agoraphobic, mildly allergic to every pollen or spore in the universe, pale (easily sun burnt) and traveling with a pressure suit on under his clothes out of habit. His sense of direction is thrown off by open spaces but he is quite adept at navigating his way through office buildings and subway systems. He will not eat any meat that was not vat grown and in fact any food that pops out of the dirt is just kinda squicky. His favorite foods include the Food Flavored Nutrient Product, Havacola, and Algaepops (yellow flavor)
He has a bad habit of drumming his fingers and likes to shine his fancy pen/stylus.
Quirky? I think he'd be the first one shot on our campaigns. Perhaps he wears that pressure suit because he's been tossed out the airlock so many times?
Shoot him?! Oh, no! He would be the first guy through the airlock on some unknown planet/derelict ship/etc., though....
Well. I suppose we could keep him locked up in a double stateroom, and let him do our paperwork for us...
Does he wear Thick lensed, Horn Rimmed Glasses?

(I think I saw him working in an office upstairs from where I work) :eek:
This is the guy that that the bank sends with you on your missions. He is works upstairs, at headquarters and shows up to do that surprise audit. He is the “this guy returns alive or you don’t get paid” NPC.
Oh I hate the “this guy returns alive or you don’t get paid” NPC. He/she/it is ALWAYS touching something they should not or wandering off without warning. And you just KNOW the face-hugging xenomorphs are going to follow him back onto your ship! I once assigned a typical Combat Specialist to keep this guy alive, by the fourth encounter the PC tried to save the “this guy returns alive or you don’t get paid” NPC from the baddies by using an area effect weapon. When the ref. quit gloating about our meal ticket dying in a friendly-fire incident and called the PC on his choice of weapon the PC replied, “I was fighting multiple targets when that guy ran off. He screamed for help and I engaged his opponents with the weapon I was using at the time, my Flamer. I thought I could shoot past him.” Sometimes, it is just better to let him get killed the third time around or so (because the ref. would get suspicious if you don't try to save him at all) and then under-report all salvage etc. from the job. (From RW experience I recommend skimming about 8%-9% off the top, why 8%-9%? Because 10% would be too obvious!) Curse the “this guy returns alive or you don’t get paid” NPC and the refs. who use him!