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A Noble Reward (tjoneslo)


Ancient - Absent Friend
In honor of his second Traveller's Aide issue being released, we though we'd give tjoneslo a special reward ;)

Check out the front page...

tjoneslo: PM me if you have any questions on how to accept your reward.

good job, you diserve the credit and the Knighthood....wish i could "write"....Ill give you another award when i catch you down in Random Static!!!!....heheheheh

seriously, GREAT JOB!!!
Now, I don't know tjoneslo very well, but what I know certainly suggests a Noble ( :D ) bearing!

Congratulations, Sir Tjoneslo!
"Vivat, Sir Tom!"-- a Tne heretic in the faded uniform of the military federation of Daibei salutes from a distant mudball, somewhere in the Old Expanses...

slainte! :D :cool:
I have seen this. Thank you all. On behalf of the Imperial academy of writing sciences I wish to extend a special thanks to my wife, who suffers from my absence while in the creative effort. I sincerely hope you all like my creations, and I have made postive contributions to the canon.

While I don't inhabit the random static forums, I do wander through the others on a regular basis, Comments (even negative ones) or suggestions are appriciated.
Originally posted by Ben W Bell:
Congrats tjoneslo. Now you have to pick your fief do you not?
I do. I'm reviewing choices. If one in elevated to the nobility to have command of thousands, it should be the right thousands to ensure they can fund my lifestyle as a bohemian writer.