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30th Ann. at Origins/GenCon Indy?


Anyone interested on seeing a "panel" on the history of the game at GenCon Indy or Origins? I cross posted this on the TML and the SJ Games forums too.


Sure. Anything to promote Traveller in the eyes of the general gaming public is a good thing.

Didn't see any Traveller Panel, when I registered? Was I blind? Does that mean only Flynn is the sole representative -- 30 years of Traveller? Ok, none of the Traveller companies have the money to do what Wizards did but they could lean on their friends in the industry. If indeed, nothing, materializes when I arrive. It will be sad and kinda shameful.
I posted the same message to the TML a few months ago and only Loren responded saying he'd need transportation expenses and hotel expenses.

I'm not with any game companies so I couldn't pay

And I didnt hear from anyone else.