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3000 Ton Battle Cruiser


SOC-14 5K
Book 2 design. 3000 tons. Jump-3, 4-G. Plant-4. 940 tons fuel. Model/7. 135 staterooms. 30 hardpoints (10 triple pulse lasers, 5 triple beam lasers, 10 triple missile racks, 5 triple sandcasters). 24 fighters. 6 cutters (6 open modules, 6 ATV modules), 6 ATVs, 4 GCarriers, 3 Air/rafts. Streamlined. 157 tons cargo, 250 crew. 1888.53 MCr, 34 months.

The Belit-class cruiser is named after various warriors and battle cruisers of history and mythology. It is a close cousin to the Command Carrier; unlike the Command Carrier, however, it is designed for long-term independent operations as an intruder or as a main-line fighting ship, capable of coordinating its supporting units in overwhelming larger ships (although it can seriously damage dreadnoughts before it is either destroyed or forced to retire). This type of vessel is a favorite of the 41st Independent Squadron, along with the Superraider Frigate and Random Castle Light Carrier.
Why all the ATVs?

And, why is a "Cruiser" carrying so many fighters?

I like the design. It's one of those "what to call it" things.
They're for the troops, who are (for posting purposes [I pause to pet the cat!]) part of the crew. And as for the fighters, well, they're to provide extra striking power and ground support. After all, this is supposed to be capable of independent operation, so it's something of an all-rounder.
Yes, it will put down troops.

And under book 2 the largest hull size is 5,000 tons. (Like all my designs the fighters are 10 tons - I've modified the rules to allow for two missiles and a laser.)
HhhMmmm...10 Triple pulse lasers
5 Triple beam lasers and 24 fighters with 2 missles and a laser each...

Impressive firepower! :D

I like it!...I'll take 20 for now and give you a contract for 40 more over the next 5 years...
5 now, and 15 over the next 5 years. Sorry, but that's what the shipyards can do! Other than that, we have a deal.
Originally posted by Jame:
5 now, and 15 over the next 5 years. Sorry, but that's what the shipyards can do! Other than that, we have a deal.
I have already made arrangements for payment to be transferred to your bank.

I will use 3 to go after the Drummond.

I'll take the ships:
Grappling Disaster
Galactic Adventurer and the
Jiggly Uber Frau

If that don't get the job done, it won't get done!
What!? The . . . the Drummond isn’t even built yet and your stealing it from me?!

Dispatch a squadron of patrol cursers to the construction site.
I'm still waiting to know where you got the Drummond!

If it makes you feel better, then keep in mind that the three that Johnny wants haven't been built yet either.
Well you see it goes like this . .
My brother’s sister’s cousin has a friend in the naval architect’s office. HE got the plans for me. It’s kinda funny we were at the starport having a drink at the bar. He needed twenty-seven of extra spicy nacho dip and three slave girls. Weeeelllll…. We jus happened to have a few extra slaves from our last intervention so I set him up. Anyway he gets me the plans but I still don’t have the ship. Soooo I go see Eddie down at the shipyard and he says that he can get me the ship if I can get him some Blue Dip. I tell him I have the dip and he gets me the first ship off the line. Yep, that is what the production delay was all about. I gots the #1 ship.
Don’t ask how a came by the PA.

What do ya mean my ships are'nt built yet?
I need those ships NOW for my intervention against "The Highwayman"!
Ah heck (scuffs rocks with toe of his boot) Ok...I'll find another set of ships to name.

Oh Wait!
I'll use some of my old "Longsword" Merc ships to go after him.

He'll never see me coming!
(I had them fitted out with black globes!) :D