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3 bucks a gallon

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I'm watching Strange Days tonight. Believe or not, I've never seen it. It just started, and there's a dude on the radio talking about the "new" millenium. Remember, the film is set in 1999. It's got this noir-sh, cyberpunk feel.

The main character's listening to the radio, and here's what we hear..

"...So, Dan, you looking forward to the new millenium?"

"Not really. I mean, what's the point? Nothing changes New Year's Day. The economy sucks. Uh, gas is over three bucks a gallon. Fifth grade kids are shooting each other at recess. Hah, whole thing sucks, right?"

Not too far from the truth...
Whoa, we're better off than I thought:

currently about Euro 1.399/l in northern Germany which is about $ 4.95/gal if I did calculate correctly. And I always thought our taxes on fuel were the highest...
We're between $2.85 and $3.10 here in Dallas.

The rumor I heard is that we Americans will start seriously considering alternate transportation when gas prices rest at about $3.50.

I realized this may be true when my wife started talking seriously about biking to the grocery store. If I had mentioned the topic to her a few years ago, I think she'd have looked at me as if I were stupid or insane.
$3.34 in Kansas City (on the Kansas side)
$3.29 on the Missouri side.

YES, there is a Kansas City Kansas AND a Kansas City Missouri (Separated by a road, cleverly named "State Line Road").

There's a website somewhere that compares gas prices around the world.

South America is actually pretty cheap right now. They use a lot of E85.
The price of gas has to do with supply and demand.

The oil companies get completly blindsided by recurring annual holidays, like memorial day.

Becuse they cannot figure when the last Monday in May is, there is not enough supply to meet the demand so the price goes up.

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