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2300AD to return

Sounds good to me, 2300 was one of the games I wanted to do something with, but never could.

Things like the 7.7ly and 0.01g limits to FTL travel were things that I have tried to slip into just about any SF game I've played since.

Hey, if it uses MGT's space-combat rules, then they'll have a lot better internal consistency!

Yeah, I'm looking forward to this!
What Kafer War?

I'll be honest. One of the biggest problems I ever had with 2300AD as a setting was the big, bad, Kafer War. With the inclusion of the Kafer War, all the other rich campaign types possible suddenly become obviated....

Very well put; you may have won me over. :)

But what does this do to your 2320 AD setting?

When I played 2300 AD it was primarily the initial setting as you described for the longest part. Invasion came out later, around the time things were getting dull. This led to a series of adventures throughout the Kafer War, which were fun. Upon completion, the campaign turned towards Earth and some cyberpunk elements due to the release of another supplement. Then things died off after that. Even with the release of details about Kafer Space, the campaign ended. I don't recall now if it was due to boredom or other real life happenings. So I understand the impetus to keep the Kafer War on the back burner for a long while.

But, I also like the idea of someday advancing the timeline with adventurers surviving through the Kafer War before advancing to a new interesting setting (as in 2320 AD). Something for the distant future perhaps with a supplement/adventure in-between (the Invasion). Kind of what Hard Times was between MT and TNE?
Over time, elements of 2320 will likely creep into 2300. However, as far as I am concerned, 2320 is a future that will never be.

Kafers are as much a part of 2300AD as exploration, but each needs to have their place. No element should dominate the setting, certainly not initially.

The future all depends on the nature of the alien threat that has descended on Aurore. Can they be reasoned with? Why are they there? Will they stay on Aurore, or try to push further into Human space? Are they good with butter? ;) All questions that need to be answered.
The future all depends on the nature of the alien threat that has descended on Aurore. Can they be reasoned with? Why are they there? Will they stay on Aurore, or try to push further into Kafer space (or don't you mean Yili Space)? Are they good with butter?
All questions that need to be answered.
(c) Everything You Wanted to know about Kafers GDW/QLI/Mongoose 2007

You got the quote wrong...

Yes, the thing about Kafers was that they were kinda spoiled when the sourcebook and articles in Challenge came out. They became something in between of the reoccurring "monster" without being threatening and simply comic relief. I hope that you can inject some more secrets back in...even if it means Triumphant Destiny was not a mutant but an adaptation to when the Kafers encountered the Yili, thereby, creating not one TD but many more that may be submerged amidst the Kafer horde waiting for the correct activation. Or perhaps, the Yili are up to something? And, why is glob (Pentepod) looking at me in a funny way... Humans should really get the sense that they ain't in Kansas any more. And, provulutionist and cyberpunks (hopefully, you will get to see what Cubicle 7 is doing) are redrawing the landscape of what it means to be human without the transhuman baggage.
Over time, elements of 2320 will likely creep into 2300. However, as far as I am concerned, 2320 is a future that will never be.

I hope that more than a few 2320 elements creep in; I've always wanted to see it and occasionally curse myself for not spending the money.

One question though: will there be a playtest, and how will one get in on it?
This is great! Can't wait for it. Not having to work with cellotaped second books and updates.

You can put me down for one, Colin. Thanks for the reply BTW.

Nothing to report as of yet. Initial work has started, but the contract is not yet in place.
I'm very happy to hear that my favourite RPG is being brushed up and overhauled!
I really liked the 2320AD idea, but a complete reworking is off course better. I do think it's sad for Colin that so much of his work has been for nothing, but I hope (and trust) that a lot of it will find its way into the New And Improved 24th century!

Is there any news yet?
Mongoose just made the announcement today that a Traveller-powered version of 2300AD would be produced and released by Mongoose in 2011.

Written by me.

Hey Colin-

Glad to hear the news (sorry for being a few months late). Anything I sent to you for 2320 be usable for this new project?
Seriously, though - I will be just a teeny tiny bit disappointed if they don't call it Traveller: 2300, or even Traveller: 2300AD. :nonono:
Are there going to be any teasers before launch? Will definetly buy, just very very eager and curious!
Am very much looking forwards to this. :) :)

One issue I had with the original 2300ad with a seeming emphasis on combat/military stuff. Hopefully, the new version can rebalance this emphasis a bit (for example, my group much prefer mystery and intrigue sessions such as investigating corporate misdeeds, technology-gone-wrong horrors, etc).
This would be very cool! I am just starting to get back into gaming after almost 20 years now that my kids are old enough and have discovered my dusty collection of traveller/twighlight/2300AD stuff on their own. I reffed so many of those games so long ago... I am sort of like the frozen watch waking up having missed most of the GDW stuff of the 90s.

2300AD was my fav of all of them (I chuckle to myself since I seem to like it for the same reasons others don't) so it's amazing to think there will be an update for this game that I thought was long dead. Good timing.

Doctor Rob, although it is a hard-SF type game, there was plenty of completely non-military adventuring to be had if you were so inclined. Perhaps some of the military-feel to the rules came from its twighlight:2000 pedigree, but having a solid combat system is a good thing. Admittedly the Kafer War made most other adventure threads seem somewhat less spectacular in comparison, but the groups I was with had a lot of fun without even touching that (and then I stopped running RPGs entirely... sigh).

Colin, from reading a bit of your writing on this site I have a good feeling about where you are going with this.

I have my credit card ready, seriously...

Noticed the lack of response lately on this forum. Problems or just focused and diligent writing? Hoping for the latter.
Maybe ask over at the Mongoose forums, as it is going to be a Mongoose product...

But, Colin is finishing up the integrated Vehicle rules when I last heard and undoubtedly Mongoose has him busy on another project. Hopefully, the Deep Space Exploration Supplement that will be Supplement of Power to bind all forms of Traveller together.;)

Keep up the excellent work in whatever, you are up to Colin, your efforts are greatly appreciated and welcome.