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2300AD miniatures


Has anyone found any figures remotely usable for 2300AD? I'm currently using shadowrun miniatures for the humans and kryomek (i think) for the Kafers, the figures with what look like gas-masked armoured miner types (this isnt ideal because they need a lot of work filing down, milliputting a carapace etc but the facial structure of the gas mask and the weapons they carry was too good to pass up)
I thought Mark Coippelstone's Future War series might be useful for humans. Some sets are ready made adventurers, planetary militia and regular military. Assault rifles resemble H&K G36, which is pretty exotic.

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Ground Zero Games (http://www.gzg.com/) do many different styles of human and alien troops. They also have a wide range of ground vehicles and starships. Their print catalogue (£1.50) has more pictures than the online one at present.
The Kra'vak are quite Predator-like, and would make passable Kafers. Some of their ground vehicles are quite 2300AD-like, I haven't got the catalogue yet so I don't know about the starships. :)
I still have a couple of the "Official" 2300AD miniatures. I think that they're French Legionaires.

Not for sale, mind you. Just a part of my collection. Of course, for the right price...
As far as currently available stuff goes, have you guys checked out Cobalt-1 miniatures?


The thing I like best about their humans is that they come with clear dome helmets. It's really just vaccuformed clear sheet that you need to cut out and place on the mini but the final results are very cool and low-tech enough that they would fit with the 2300AD feel very well.
It looks like some of those "Armen" might make passable Vagr too.
Minis for 2300AD:Just a couple of random thoughts.

For aliens for Traveller and 2300AD a miniature company that features "Furrys" from anime' may be able to be adapted to some aliens.

2300AD starships would be easy to make from cheap plastic beads bought from a store that features crafts (Micheals, Hobby Lobby, ect.), and then pinned, epoxy puttied and glued together. A coat of primer and a paint job will be all that is needed to pull it together.

Dittos on the Ground Zero Games. Some of those vehicles and troops are direct ripoffs of 2300AD designs (Rommel/Luftkissenpanzer IX for example.) They are also cheap for packs of figs and have many different, multi-ethnic groups. They are true 25 mm scale and won't mix well with other figures. It's a pity Geohex stopped carrying them in the states.

On a side note, I have gathered some of GeoHexes' terrain and have purchased some resin scenery (Armorcast)to make an alien world like Aurore. I'm painting the GZG figs I have, to camo them in the blue/gray vegetation scheme of the planet/moon.

Kafers...I know how to sculpt figs and cast them so I can make a body and head unit and several different positioned arms and legs plus guns and equipment. Cast them in pewter, pin and glue and paint. Instant bug salad.

I never have liked Kafers though. It seems like GDW could never get away from its origins as a wargaming company.

The other aliens in the game are interesting but I don't believe they were ever explored as much as the Kafers. It's a pity but that's what happened.

End of Rambling,
Lord Iron Wolf