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2300 To be Canon or not to be Canon?


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Do you: Stick pretty much to canon (i.e. the published background materials), or do you boldly go where no GM has gone before?

I like the basics of the Canon, but then modify it to my players, and my gaming style. Many more colonial worlds, more starships available (not quite biiiiillons, and Biiiiillons, but at least triple or better).

Texas is a 3rd Tier power (The US, UK, Japan, and Manchuria are 1st Tier, France, Germany, etc are 2nd Tier powers in my game). Britannia DOES rule the waves (star waves that is).
If I were to run a T2300 game tomorrow it would include many elements borrowed from Transhuman Space, Blue Planet, GURPS Terradyne and the CyberPunk space supplements (Near Orbit and Deep Space).
There are a number of things I've modified in my head, --not nessisarily put down on paper-- that help bring the 1988 view of the future up to a more 2004 view of things.

computer technology advancements.
a much richer / fuller orbital environments. (dense industrialm, military, commercial, residential orbital stations)

I've included a few military ideas I've gleaned from the Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual.

I've also made the assumption that medical technology is pretty advanced, and while not everyone has cybernetics, they are availible, and its easy to get a replacement limb grown for you.

Earth is something like blade runner... though none of my games have been on earth yet.
2300AD's setting does depend, I think, on the relatively constrained nature of settled space. Going any further would make it less a collection of set spots and more a game like Traveller, with a vast collection.

For Freihafen, I'm writing a fairly dense Tirasynchronous environment for the ex-Bavarian colony--two interface stations, extensive private habitats including two resorts, some outer-system research installations, and so on.
Hmm. The solar system sees some fairly estensive development. Earth orbital space sees many hundreds of departures and arrivals daily, in addition to all the orbital traffic from factories, research stations, hotels, and even full-scale habitats. Goddard station alone has over 10000 people, and the ESA O'Neills at L-5 nearly 10x that...
Then there's the lunar settlements, the Mars colony with the nearby Pentapod enclave, and the Indonesian industrial faciility on and over Titan. Not to mention the Long Baseline array out past Neptune.
Or the Belter community centered on Ceres.
Or the Manchurian deep mining sites on Mercury.

So yeah, the solar system sees some more development.

2320AD writer,
The deadline is so close I can smell it.
Though I do go into some more detail, there's only so much space in the book for this sort of thing. However, the encounter tables will flesh things out a bit better.

Colin, 2320AD
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