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2300 CD ROM CORRECTIONS - Please assist

I have been in communications with Marc concerning the numerous bad scans and poor OCR found in the pdfs provided on the 2300 CDROM.

I am currently working to detail these problems to ensure that they are corrected when Marc begins the corrective work in March.

Please, review your copies and post any problems in the following format.

"cdrom\path\document" "pdf page number" "document page number" "Description of Problem"

for example
2300CDROM:\path\somefile.pdf, 9, 7, bad scan

says that the somefile.pdf found on the 2300 cdrom in the subdirectory 'path' has a page that has a bad scan on pdf page 9 which corresponds on to page 7 of the origional document.

In this manner, we can all help to report all the bad pages. Bad scans are first priority. Minor OCR problems are not important but major OCR gaffs should be reported.

This thread is a good place to contain all the 2300 CD scan problem reports.

I will create another such thread for the MT CD material in the MegaTraveller forum.

Thanks for your help

I have sent Marc the problem list for MT, and some of the problems found with 2300AD.
Due to time constraints, I have not been able to review the entire CD, and, I have not recieved any assistance from this forum.

Marc is intending to correct the problems. I do not know what the current status is, but he stated that the correction work would take place this month.

best regards

Thanks for doing all the work on this. Actually, this thread was the first inkling I had that such a CD was available, so I have been holding off buying it until the changes are in. Which means I haven't been able to help out. There must be some RPG heaven somewhere where you guys will get your reward.
Did anyone other than MWM see the PDFs before the CD came out? This is something which clearly calls for a playtest of sorts. If there had been, I'm sure none of the bad pages would have slipped through. After all, the content was fine, only the actual scan quality and missing pages had to be found. That sort of thing just needs lots of eyes.

I'm not surprised that not many people seem to have bought the 2300 CD, after the disaster that was the MT CD. I would have bought both if the latter hadn't received such a resounding thumbs-down.

Dalton, it's great that you've taken it on yourself to sort this out, and the Traveller community (and MWM!) are indebted to your sterling efforts. I'll be keeping an eye on both re-releases, and will no doubt buy them if reviews are positive.
A very big thanks is due to the hard efforts of kafka47.

I am just a guy with enlightened self interest. The more I help out, the more items I want will be produced.

The more of us who help, more of us will benefit.

Simple formula, astounding results.

Best regards


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Thanks for endeavouring to improve the scans etc.

Here's a few I've come across...

2300AD Players Guide
P21 – sidebar clipped
P49 & P50 – illustration clipped

2300AD Directors Guide
P66 Repeated twice
P67 to 70 missing
P74-77 missing
P81-83 missing
P88-90 missing

Rotten to the Core
P4 sidebar clipped
P25 page edge clipped
P26 sidebar clipped

Nyotekundu Sourcebook
P17, 29, 30, 55, 56, 67, 68, 73, 74, 85 & 86 are all clipped.

Challenge 42
P23 missing
P36 missing
P38 out of place
Thanks Rob,

The information has been passed on to Marc and he is working on the corrections, on both the MT and 2300 cdrom.

best regards

Marc has sent me a corrected version that I am currently reviewing.

There where no other instructions with the cd.

Other than a single map being upside down in relation to the rest of the pdf it was in (one of the full colour stellar maps) I have yet to find any problems, although I have been extreamly busy lately and I can not say that I have been looking too hard.

best regards

How do I tell which version of the CD-ROMs I have? I just bought the MT and 2300 CD-ROMs.

I have noticed that the MT CD-ROM I have has problems because it is scanned in b/w, and many of the books have text on grey backgrounds. The result is that the background is largely black with black text. In the future, if the scans were done in greyscale and then the contrast and brightness were adjusted, much more of the text should be visible.
Sounds like you have the old one. I may be wrong, but I don't think Marc has released the cleaned-up MT CD-ROM yet.
Did a new updated version ever get released? I got the old one, did some careful reviewing and sent them to Mr. Miller, had a few emails between us, but then nothing.
Hi Tanstaafl2300,

Yes - a new version appears to be out. I recently got another copy of the 2300AD CD and the problems from the original version which I had highlited seem to have been addressed (those I've checked, anyway).

(The only suggestion I would make to Marc when he has the next batch of CDs printed is to re-scan the 2300AD Director's Guide - IMHO it's a bit faint).

My thanks to Marc and co for their work on the 2300AD disks!

I ordered the CD from Marc, and received it in Ireland about a week and a half after ordering, which is pretty good for International mail. You'd get it a lot faster in Texas, I imagine.
Cool, thanks. Quick question for those of you that have the cd, many many years ago, I ran across an article that describes how to make your own detailed minis for the starships from Star Cruiser for 2300ad. Anyone know if that article is on the cd?