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1248 question

Chances are it will stay here....especially now it has been published elsewhere.

Then again it makes sense to have a 1248 thread in the T20 forums. Perhaps you could PM Andrew Boulton and make a case for it.
I'm somewhat unlikely to be answering 1248 questions here - mainly because I don't read the whole board very often.

1248 is central to the Avenger line so there tends to be more about it on the TAS forum.
True but external debate is much more likely to produce less sycophantic threads than found on the comstar site.

It would allow proper criticism of the setting and its premises without undue editiorial influence or being shouted down by certain individuals.

Of course the authors still would have the right to reply here or they could continue to encourage the sneering at CoTI that seems to crop up every little while on the comster forum site.

That being said I have no major problems with 1248, just not my cup of tea.
Why would it be in the T20 forum? The review I read implied it was a system free book, so any GM could use what ever system they wanted. Did I misread the review?
It is the only thing that put me off the Avenger boards, a couple of members have made some mildly derogatory genaralisms about CoTI. I might be over sensitive but I'll stay away from that thanks.
I don't think there is anything wrong with the JTAS board, after all most of them are members here as well.

Like I say, I was put off by a couple of posts that implied (and in one case stated) that everyone remaining here were idiots, luddites etc. Can't find them now, perhaps edited or in one of the areas that require me to register. (my old avenger id doesn't work).

I was probably being hypersensitive at the time and in bilious mood but it coloured my initial feelings toward it.
Well I've skipped over there and there is a lot of interesting activity going on. I should really sign up because I'm fascinated by the ACT stuff. It reminds me of MT rewritten.