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1:107th Scale Type 'S' Scout

A sideways thought from seeing the model under development, now I'm looking at the Scout Courier as a possible flying model rocket design.

Back in the day (the 1970s) Centuri Engineering did several unconventional model rockets which were based on a cardstock body with an interior tube-frame. One that reminds me some of the Scout Courier was called the Vulcan.


Umm... Gosh :confused:

To be honest I didn't think anyone was really taking much interest in this project.

OK - let me know the sort of thing you need.

OK, let's see... a good article/series - I can easily see this being a Multi-Issue Thing - would want to include the following:

Genesis of the project - basically, why you decided to build it.

The plans, in PDF and/or very-high-resolution graphics. I can always resample down for graphics; resampling up if they start out too small... doesn't work.

Material summary - how much of what, what it's used for, and why you chose each. Ideally, you'll discuss things like cost factors, ease of obtaining, ease of working, and how you balanced them off. Of course "I was able to get this stuff for no cost other than the time it took me to scrounge the scrap pile at the local lumberyard" is a perfectly valid reason to choose something... :) Some discussion of how you decided that 1:107 scale was the "right" size to go with would also be appropriate here.

Step-by-step how-to. Includes such minutia as how you determined what the various angles needed to be, mistakes you made and how to avoid them (in retrospect), and so on. Pictures or diagrams where they make it easier to understand the explanations, or to show intermediate and final results. Yes, you can include the picture of the cat and the warning! :)

Extra discussion as you feel necessary or desirable. What did you learn from the process? How much experience with model making do you think someone should have before tackling this project? How much time did you spend on it, and should you have spent more time (or less)?

In short, think about the kind of do-it-yourself article you might expect to see in a home-improvement magazine or Popular Science/Popular Mechanics or something like that, and use it as a guide.
I've been modelling 1:72 scale for years and I've never tried Traveller, but that model has done it, I'm inspired and will try to do something. I'm just surprised that 15mm is 1:107, if 1:72 is 20mm then I wonder what 1:76 and HO scale are.

Card version is a really great idea I think.
HO scale is 1:87, a bit smaller than 1:72 (15mm) and larger than 1:107 (20mm).

Even N scale is worthy of a consideration, though it varies from 1:148 to 1:160 depending on where the scenery is manufactured. N-gauge track is a constant 1:160 (or 9mm) scale regardless.

Modeling at 1:72, the ships in Traveller can get quite large quite easily.