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Cepheus Medieval Fantasy


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This may seem like a silly question, but I was wondering if anyone ever actually published a "D&D" type game based on the Traveller 2D6 game Mechanics (as found in Cepheus)?

You know ... Fighters and Mages and dragons and Platemail armor and spells ... with Traveller-like Chargen and roll 8+ on 2D6 mechanics.
Yes, there are a few I'm aware of: Sword of Cepheus (which is more sword & sorcery, but does have a small supplement to add fantasy races), Westlands and Of Realms Unbounded are the three I own. There are two which I'm aware of and don't own: 1520: HRE and Jarnheimr, Holy Roman Empire and post-Ragnarok respectively, which might be modified to add D&D tropes. Also curious if there are others I've missed, since I much prefer the 2D6 Traveller system to D&D's default. Also, Worlds Apart: I always forget this one...took the whole Classic Traveller conceit and ported it to a fantasy setting, so you have islands in the "forever sea", which you have to "jump" to in your "voyager ship". Tables for rolling up random islands (complete with trade items, the Universal Island Profile, etc.). The magic system is the weakest part of the system, in my opinion, but the basic concept is intriguing.
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