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MGT Only: Bought some books (pdf) this week

Spinward Scout

SOC-14 5K
I bought Starship Operator's Manual and the Central Supply Catalog 2024 Update the other day. I didn't know CSC24 wasn't going to have Robots in it.

So tonite I bought Robot Handbook and Behind the Claw. The last 2 are still downloading, but BtC had 2 large maps with it. Spinward Marches Sector and Deneb Sector. They are pretty.

Here's a Zoom In to one world. Very good resolution.

Their maps are lovely, but do have a small problem - how the XBoat routes are shown. By having the links start/end at the centre of the hex, if they are aligned on one of the 60-degree angles and there are several worlds in a line it is unclear which, if any, of the intervening worlds are XBoat stops. The more traditional method (as you will see on Traverllermap), where the links start and end about halfway between the edge and centre makes it much more clear.