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Adventure Contest #2, Entry 2: Rescue of Faith


This adventure may be distributed freely once the contest is over.

This adventure seed takes place on Pavabid/District 268 (Spinward
Marches 1238), the world featured in the Double Adventure 6: Divine

The Pavabid Heresy has long been a sore spot for the Church of the
Stellar Divinity. A local branch of the Church has embarked on a
proselytizing mission to bring this world back into their fold. Their
goal is to start converting the population, in the hope that the
Thearchy's power will start to crumble once they lose their strict
control on information.

Eight months ago, a mercenary vessel hired by the Church dropped, at
different spots on Pavabid's surface, four missionaries on a deep
cover operation. Their goal were clear: make contact with the local
population, give them the knowledge of the true Church of the Stellar
Divinity and avoid being spotted by the authorities, all the while
slowly making their way to the starport for pick-up. The missionaries
were chosen not only for their persuasion skills, but for their
abilities to perform such a covert operation - three of them are
ex-Imperial Marines, the fourth is a former contact specialist for the
IISS. If all goes well, all four should arrive at the starport

The PC are hired by the Church to pick up the four missionaries at the
appropriate time (they are also given some cargo to transport, to
serve as a their pretext for landing on Pavabid). However, and Church
officials are quite candid about this, all is not expected to go well,
and the PCs are paid a premium because of the strong possibility of
this becoming a combat mission. The PCs are instructed to wait 24
hours for stragglers, unless attacked by the Thearchy's forces.
Fortunately, the missionaries can handle themselves in combat, and
will be an asset if (or when) trouble starts.

The PCs must smuggle the missionaries into their vessel right under
the noses of the starport security guards. One might impersonate a
local farmer selling his wares, another a security guard. It's also
quite likely one of the missionaries will have lost his cover, and
will arrive at the starport under heavy fire. Finally, it is probable
that one or more of the missionaries will be a no-show.