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Old July 8th, 2019, 11:29 PM
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Default Imperial Scout Rescue Service

Best duty in the Marches. Hands down.

Sure, there's problems. Busted ships spiraling out of control into some poor innocent impact point, insane security systems, electrical fires, chemical fires, 5G laterals, detached drives chasing you around engineering, imminent danger of death every step of the way. But you get to be the BDH, striding across it all and taking charge and saving the day. Medals and bonuses all around, sometimes even grateful crew and passengers. 'cept the dead ones ... crammed into corners trying to get away from the fires, faces pressed up against the glass wishing they were on the other side where the air is ... well, you can't save 'em all, but you do get most.

And the duty deployment center is a beaut. No sitting in a steel box for a week at a time wondering when you're gonna drop back out of jump space into real space, no sir. Imperial territory, high up on Starport Island, best view on Equus out over that vast world-wide ocean. Ships and liners putting in and out, The Parade Of Elegance, speedboat races, dolphin competitions, bikini babe competitions (and oh how they compete). And Emerald City far across the bay, lit up night and day, storm and calm. And when you deploy they all watch you move out, wondering where you're going, wondering what you do, wishing they could be like you.

On duty, relaxing casually in the lounge like you're on Equus or something. You're the team lead, years in engineering school and years in engineering, you've got all the training and experience to walk into any exploding space and take charge. 'course they also sent you to band-aid school, but usually you have better things to do. "Restore vector control, establish vector control, rescue and treat casualties." In. That. Order.

Your team is relaxing too. Paramedic, Hacker Geek, and Pilot boy. Paramedic has to actually care for these people, and he does, and he's good at it, but even his first job is to bring up anyone who can restore/establish vector control. Hacker Geek deals with all the malfunctioning computers and deranged electronic security systems that get between your team and restoration/establishment of vector control. And Pilot boy, well, he's the junior member, but he's the point of the whole operation - get him in the pilot's seat with restored/reestablished vector control.

Good team. Simple job.

Around the lounge are the images of scouts who died in the line of duty here. About 20 of them. "In memory of ..."
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