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Old February 24th, 2021, 07:31 AM
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Year; 1113
Domain; Mixed client states
Sector; Crucis Margin
Subsector; Reach
Bracke; E558237-3 Lo
Hex 2324

Your usual route between the Old Expanses and Hinterworlds is suddenly interrupted by a, quite literally, one in a million misjump due to some combination of unique circumstances that you’ll not be able to fathom for some time. Needless to say one moment you’re cruising your usual route from Vendtup to Nullie when the usual silvery sheen of jump space yields to a stretched starfield, followed by a whirlwind of a light show as colorful nebulae and distant stars whiz and whip by your ship’s bridge windows of your type-R as the artificial gravity sends your careening into one bulkhead and then another.

Things settle down after a while, but again the usual silver you’re so accustomed to as you ply the space lanes has yielded to a grided translucent tunnel letting you see real space and the aforementioned light show of stars and whispy brightly lit nebulae passing by your ship like an airliner passing through clouds.

Weeks later, food stores low, your Type-R shudders, which graduates to a violent shake before snaping you back into normal space above a pale blue water world with swirls of white covering ocean blue. But the world’s image is scrolling by your point of view, and the shadows of the system’s central sun briefly blaze inside as the star’s brilliance likewise scrolls past your view. You are tumbling out of control.

Your navigator adroitly sets the ship’s relative attitude to the planet, and the autopilot fires a number of correctional burns that stop your tumble just in time to correctly insert you into a re-entry trajectory. Your ever so skilled pilot grabs the controls, but lets the autopilot do its thing. Fiery orange and red plasma coat the nose and flash across the windows as you slow to hyper sonic from the screaming mach-35. You slow further to super sonic, and your pilot slows the vessel even further with an ancient series of S-turns.

But just when you think your out of the fire (quite literally) things go from bad to worse as your ship’s power plant gives out. The controls go black for a moments only to be relit by emergency battery power. But this means the more control inputs your pilot makes, the more precious battery juice he uses to manipulate the control surfaces. You have enough momentum to touch down on a smooth patch of ocean. The Type-R eases into the ocean with white froth streaking and churning in its landing wake. Soon you feel the gentle bob of the gentle near calm undulation of placid ocean waters. The skipper is tempted to call for “steel beach” to let off steam, but instead calls for everyone to make a damage assessment of the ship.

The power plant, for some unknown reason, is on the fritz. However the ship’s enclosed air raft still has a full charge / tank. This is when both your navigator and computer expert peer out the windscreen to see this;

Bracke, at last survey, wasn’t known to be very hospitable. The natives, mostly human, are xenophobic in the extreme, and quite primitive, though with some rudimentary knowledge of science and equal portions of technology. Can they help you get your ship back in order? Possibly. Will they? Doubtful. Either way this place, which towers over you and your ship as you approach it, is obviously not of their make. It is ancient, seems to be made of a combination of stone and more contemporary materials like steel, though rusted and corroded.

It is in fact an entire ancient city of some civilization long ago, and dwarfs your ship as you come near its shadow in the late afternoon. Your ship tells you that there’s power coming from some place within that structure.


This is truly the last seed as I had been looking for this picture for a very long time. I thought I came across it one of my TTA Stewart Cowley books, but mistook it for a “Jason and the Argonauts” painting that’s in, I think, the “Starliner” book in the TTA series. That is both are out of Greek mythos, and I cross referenced one for the other. Either way I really liked this image, wanted to do a write up of it at some time, but lost both image and inspiration for a variety of reasons. However, I stumbled across it the other week or some time ago, and really did want to share it with fellow Travellers.

For me, even though Traveller leans towards security scenarios I always saw the game as having infinite horizons and a potential to take you places you otherwise could not go to in real life. This image, for me, has that quality and capacity. It’s supposed to be Atlantis, but I always picture Atlantis the way either Plato or Socrates describes it; i.e. a flat island with concentric water ways and one central channel leading to the central city. This rendition reminds more of Michael Whelan’s Armenia, though obviously a different city. The write up for this was also partially inspired by Macross the motion picture, where Hikaru and Missa come across a sunken high tech city that comes up out of the ocean after being lost for eons. Cars, apartments, streets, buildings, partially encrusted with barnacles and choral, rise up out of the ocean, and therein the heroes learn of Earth’s mysterious ancient past. I like that theme, so I share it here, though obviously Bracke is not TERRA. Still, it’s a seed, so you write your own adventure from this point on. Thanks for all the views here and on my fiction thread. It’s been fun.
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Old February 24th, 2021, 09:46 PM
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