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Old May 21st, 2013, 08:28 AM
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Default StarBase minor update - world and world name generation

I've made some minor updates to Starbase, just in the source repository for now.

World name generation has been modified so it spices up the names a bit. It randomly adds fairly standard SF world name prefixes and suffixes. So now 'Regulus' might come out as 'Regulus Prime' or 'Regulus II' or 'New Regulus'.

At some point I'll add a check box in the UI to enable or disable this feature.

The 2D6 OGL world generation script can now be run directly from the command line. With no arguments it outputs the world data to standard output, or it will write the output to a file named on the command line. The script is only dependent on the Python standard library, and the script that comes in the same directory. You do not need StarBase to use it. The layout is based on the HTML/PDF world report generated by StarBase.

Of course since Starbase adds things like world names, I've just put in an empty heading for that and allegiance.

Here's a sample world:

World Name:
Starport:      C	Small Spaceport
Size:          5	8,000km
Atmosphere:    5	Thin
Hydrographics: 5	Large Oceans
Population:    3	Thousands
Government:    5	Feudal technocracy
Law Level:     0	None
Tech Level:    5	Late Industrial

System Data
Trade:         Ga Lt
Asteroids:     No
Gas Giant(s):  Yes
Star Data:     

Comprehensive landing and docking facilities, suitable for routine operations. No shipyard and only basic maintenance facilities are available.

A small planet with a diameter of 8,000km and surface gravity of 0.45G

Low pressure but breatheable atmosphere with a surface pressure from 0.43 to 0.7 atm.

Wet world with several large oceans. Hydrographic percentage 46%-55%.

Large village, or scattered small settlements. Population in the range 1,000+.

Rule by a technical elite that performs essential technological functions in return for defined obligations or services

Law Level
No restrictions. 

Tech Level
Widespread electrification, telecommunications and internal combustion. Atomics and primitive computing are appearing.
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