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Old June 15th, 2011, 08:02 PM
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Default Search Radar

The MFDS flickered before the dark eyed Mariusan. The shattered glassiloy viewport had opened the bridge of the Gazelle to space. His eyes drifted between the monitor and the pitch-black space beyond the jagged edge of the viewport. The scanners were off line, so it was back to relying on your ability to pick out objects moving in a brilliant night sky. The asteroid to starboard was their only protection from enemy fire having lost main power in the brief exchange thirty minutes before. The Captain’s attempt to breakup the ambush had failed and left the ship in grave danger.

There was someone out there searching the asteroid field. No one could be sure if it was friend or foe. Above Ensign Stardin’s head was a small curved rearview mirror allowing him too see behind him. He glanced back at the Scanner Ops station. Warrant Officer Ankara shook his head and whispered over the intercom. “Avionic are still off line.”

Through the visor of his CASE, he saw the worried look of the WO. “Passive are still operational. We at least have a set of eyes.”

Chief Engineer Sakhalin muttered. “Have engines on line, hyperspace generators on standby.”

“Still need avionics if we are going blow this party?” Stardin scowled. “ETA on those repairs Chief?”

“Ten minutes.” He responded.

“The next big question, do we have weapons?” WO Ankara asked.

“Port, starboard turrets, dorsal and ventral are out of action.” His voice seemed to rumble with anger. “Henson ain’t going home, neither is the captain!”

“Concern yourself with the repairs Chief!” Stardin snapped.

“Yes sir.”

Stardin didn’t even want to look back at the commander’s station. He had seen enough death to last several lifetimes. He blocked the image of the corpses piled behind the Captain’s chair out of his mind. He was more worried about the crews’ survival than the shells of two men.

“There it is again.” Ankara whispered. “Rad 300, Sid 120, 10 kilometers.”

The enemy ship was now below and behind them. Stardin looked at MFDS and barked. “We’re going to have make a run for it! All stations standby.”

“Ensign, there’s no better place than to hide right here?” Ankara barked. “This chunk of rock is scrambling their radar!”

“Yeah, but they still have scanners!” He glanced angrily over his shoulder. “Now man your post Ankara!”

His secondary MFDS flicker as the Chief muttered. “Hang tight for as long as you can let me get this relay aligned, Ensign! Then you have the forward particle cannon, both turrets and avionics!”

His hands gripped the joysticks on both sides of his flight couch. His eyes watching the EM signature of the enemy ship, the moment it even seemed like the Captain of the other ship turned on his scanner array, he was going to light this candle. Seconds pasted like minutes, he could feel the sweat in the gloves of his suit. The cold air of the LSS-A on his back sent a shiver down his back. One minute had now past, the beam of the search radar struck the asteroid.

“Shit!” The WO shouted. “He’s doing a back step over the asteroid!”

“I hope like hell you’re right Ankara!” He muttered harshly under his breath. He watched the Radar signature grow in intensity as the sweep retraced its steps. For one moment, Stardins’ thought he would have fire the main engines but the signal faded off the passives as it completed another sweep of the surrounding asteroid. His secondary MFDS came on and stayed on.

“You’ve got everything I can give you Ensign.” Sakhalin muttered indicated he was pleased with himself. “Let’s go get a beer!”

“Not yet.” Stardin eyes narrowed as the enemy vessel maneuvered closer to his ship. “Our friend is still not convinced we’ve left.”

“EM signature changing, he’s going to scanners!” Ankara voice sounded near panic.

Stardin turned in his seat, his space black eyes warning the Warrant officer to control himself. “You’re an officer damn it! Act like one!”

Stardin jerked himself back around glancing at both display screens. The vessel scanners were beginning their sweep of the field. “Gunners, be prepared for some radical maneuvering.”

Ankara watched the scanner array signal grow. His mind raced for the reason why the Ensign had not moved the vessel. He could not believe his ears when the Bitchin’ Betty confirmed the enemy vessels’ target lock on the Gazelle. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Surviving Ankara!” He snarled like some wild animal. “Now do your Job!”

Ankara eyes snapped to the MFDS as his mind curse the Ensign. “Enemy vessel has target lock on us! STAR-TRAC has acquired our position…. I have missile launch. Four, Warblade ASM closing fast, deploying countermeasures!”

“Negative!” Stardin growled. “Call time to intercept!”

“You’re mad!”

“Do it!” Stardin voice roared over the intercom.

“Seven…six…five…four…three...” Ankara’s body slammed into his flight couch. The Gazelle rocketed forward as the missiles struck the asteroid throwing up a debris field. His eyes glued to MFDS as the enemy vessel began the chase swinging wide to avoid the chunks of rock thrown up from the explosion. “Enemy vessel is closing fast. We will be in weapon’s range in one minute.”

“We ain’t going to out run her.” Stardin remarked dryly knowing the dangers of flying in an asteroid field. There was also the added danger of micro-asteroids coming through the shattered viewport. “So, we’ll have too out fly her! Gunners standby, you’re about to learn what a Crazy Ivan is!”

He took the starship in close to the asteroids with each successive pass forcing the faster ship to choosing between slowing down, or giving the rocks a wider berth. The enemy Captain took the safer course of action. Maintain speed in order to close with the fleeing vessel. Stardin’s adrenalin raced through his body causing him to take even greater risks with the escort than were necessary.

A large asteroid loomed in the viewport. Ankara felt the vibration in the ship as the gravity of the small planetoid took effect. Stardin shot across the surface as the larger faster vessel fired its beam weapons. Stardin began zigzagging through the high crater rim. They were less than a hundred meter off the surface as the large mountain range came to view on the horizon.

“Damn it, pull up!” Ankara shouted.

Stardin went hard to port instead causing the enemy vessel to go high. Hard to starboard followed as he went between to mountain peaks. They were now behind the vessel. “Gunner fire!”

Both double laser turrets fired striking the ship. Stardin fishtailed the Gazelle and climbed. The enemy ship swung wide and dove. The Gazelle shot towards a much smaller asteroid following the curve as it went. Stardin shouted. “Crazy Ivan!”

Braking motors on the nose fired as it momentum flipped over the ship. Ankara saw the enemy vessel appear over the shorten horizon as the gunners fired. The laser and particle beams tore the underbelly of the enemy vessel apart. Stardin’s maneuver had effected ended the enemy’s ability to pursue them…

Chief Sakhalin stood in the officers’ lounge. “There’s a hull plate over the viewport sir. Dorsal turret is a complete lost. All other systems are nominal.”

“Thank you Chief.” Stardin did not look from the compuboard.

“One question sir?”

“Yes chief?”

“Did you intend to go after the Corsair?”

He looked up from the report. “What do you think?”

The corner of his lips moved slightly. “No.”

Stardin shook his head. “If there isn’t anything else, I suggest you get some rest. We will be at Broadus in the morning.”

He saluted. Stardin returned his salute. After he left the Ensign looked at Ankara. “You’re wondering what I am going to put in my report about your action on the bridge?”

“I don’t care.” Ankara exhaled sharply. “We’re alive and that all that matters.”

“Captain Luther had our evaluation in the computer before he was killed.” He slid it across the table. “He rated your performance as excellent. Mine however, is less than perfect?”

Ankara picked up compuboard. “Insubordinate, rash, and unable to perform his duties as a naval officer? I guess he had us both wrong?”

“You did what you had to when I needed it Tony. I can’t fault you because you were scared.” Stardin lean forward. “His evaluations cannot be alter so, there is no harm done. In addition, my report shows all personnel reacted with the utmost bravery and courage. At least, you still have a career.”

“You think at the inquiry they will fry our ass?” Tony looked up from the report.

“Hard to tell?” Stardin shrugged his shoulder and sat back. “The flight data recorder wasn’t damaged. It will show that two corsairs jumped us and Luther’s orders were a bit psycho?”

“I still don’t understand why he ordered us to attack?” Ankara shook his head. “We were out gunned and out classed?”

“We got one of them before he was killed.” Stardin lifted his cup. “All that mattered to him was the perceived glory of the battle, not its outcome.”

“In other words, he had a death wish.”

“Something like that?” Stardin sipped his coffee. “Everything I know about the Navy, tells me a Lieutenant should be in command of an escort not a full captain. I have this feeling this was his last command before retirement. The only reason I can see outside of that, is he needed time on a combat vessel for promoted to the next grade? Kill two well armed pirate vessels might have been the ticket that bought his promotion.”

“Are you saying three men are dead because of a promotion?” Ankara looked discussed.

“No.” Stardin put down his cup. “The arrogance of one man killed them. It would have been a different story had we turned tail and run after the ambush. Then we would have been doing our jobs. That is why I am not filing a citation for the Luther. It is the only way to protest his actions to the brass. Outside that, it’s like you said, we survived…”
I'm expected to do the unexpected while striving to do the impossible.

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Old June 15th, 2011, 08:04 PM
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Stardin sat outside the room where the board of inquiry waiting his turn. He showed no outward emotions as he sat there. The burly Marine across from him ensured no one spoke with him as they were called in. It was a tradition dating back to the wet navies of the prestellar era.

The inquiry was a result of peacetime. Any death of a serviceman was reviewed. The blame squarely placed upon the individuals or equipment responsible. What concern him were the actions after the captain’s death. Merely being out of the academy for six months did not help matters either. Would the members of the board see his actions as rash and wreckless as the captain had written in his evaluation?

The only hint of how the processing was going was when one of them left. A smile or thumbs up from a crewmember. The only concern he had is when WO Ankara came out. His face was drained and his lips were tight. He glanced nervously at him before hurrying down the hallway. He had also been the last member of the ANV Thomas Walker to testify.

The Sergeant at Arms stepped out of the room. “Ensign Stardin, the panel is ready for you.”
He rose and entered the room. He walked in from to the table and salute. “Ensign Rigel Stardin, reporting as ordered, sirs.”

“Have a seat ensign.” Commander Balzac returned his salute for the three officers. He did as he was ordered. Balzac continued. “This inquiry is into the actions of the crew of the Thomas Walker on log date 061600. We are only here to discuss the facts as you recall them. It is an informal hearing however your testimony will be recorded for the record just the same.”

“Yes sir.” Stardin replied.

“What were your duties aboard the Thomas Walker prior to 061600?” Lieutenant Donetsk asked.

“Auxiliary pilot and Quartermaster sir.”

“At the time of the hostiles where were you stationed and what were your duties?”

Lieutenant Piraeus was the next to ask a question.

“Deck access hatch near engineering, I was assigned to damage control sir.”

Balzac, “You were not on the bridge.”

“No sir.”

Piraeus, “You were not aware of the tactical situation at that time.”

“Only what I heard over the intercom that we were at battle stations sir.”

Piraeus, “How did you learn of the death of Lieutenant Jinan and Captain Luther?”

“Warrant Officer Ankara requested assistance on the bridge sir.”

Balzac looked up from his notes. “Are you sure about this, Ensign?”

“Yes sir.” His voice did not waiver. “His message over the intercom was somewhat garbled but, it clearly indicated he need assistance.”

Balzac frowned. “We review the flight data recorder Ensign. WO Ankara voice was neither garble or distorted. Would you explain yourself further?”

“The ship had taken damage sir. The intercom may have been damaged.” Stardin voice showed no hint that he was lying. “With the flight record on the bridge it may have had a better connection with the Warrant Officers’ suit than mine.”

“I see.” Balzac looked at his notes. “What were your action following the call for assistance?”

“I went to the bridge where I discovered the Captain and the Lieutenant had both been killed. I removed the pilots’ body and took control of the vessel.”

“You stated in your report, the other vessel was approaching your vessel with caution. How did you determine this without any scanners?” Donetsk.

“We would have been death if he hadn’t sir.” Stardin had a whimsical look on his face. “The destruction of the first corsair may have frightened him slightly.”

Donetsk gave him a harsh look. “So you assumed, the other vessel was hanging back in order to assesses the damage the first ship had effected upon the Thomas Walker?”

“Yes sir. Had he seen that our drives were damaged and we had lost all power to the weapons he would have closed in for the kill?”

“The option you chose placed the crew and the ship in danger Ensign.” Balzac scowled. “Explain your actions.”

“Had I remained in open space with only maneuvering thrusters, the corsair would have easily over taken us and I would not be here explain myself to the panel sir.” His eyes seemed to show his anger but his voice remained calm. “The asteroid field offered some protection and concealment while Chief Sakhalin made the necessary repairs.”

“Did you consider the risk as acceptable under the circumstances?” Piraeus.

“Yes sir.”

Piraeus, “How do you assess the risk factors?”

“I don’t understand the question sir.” He showed no signs of nervousness. “If you are asking if I can justify my actions on log date 061600, I cannot. I did what was necessary in order to return the ship and crew safely to Broadus for repairs.”

“Then you are saying you saw nothing wrong with your actions?” Balzac looked puzzled.

“Any form of combat is a risk sir.” His stated in a matter of fact tone of voice. “My actions were risky however had I done nothing we would not be here discussing this matter.”

Donetsk, “Then you believe your actions saved the Thomas Walker.”

“Yes sir.”

The three-member panel looked at one another. Balzac turned to him and said, “That will be all Ensign.”

Stardin rose and saluted before leaving the room…

* * *
Commander Alec Balzac entered Admiral Navarre office with a salute. The Admiral smiled, “Have a seat Alex.”

He sat in front of the admiral’s desk placing the report on his desk. “Here is the report on the ANV Walker sir.”

He took the compuboard as leaned back in his chair. He turned it on. “Any unexpected surprises Commander?”

“Only that Stardin covered for Ankara.” He remarked ironically. “I don’t understand it, that Warrant Officer is unfit for combat duty.”

“You know why I took a special interest in this incident?” He flipped the compuboard back on the table. “Stardin recommend Valorous Service Medals for the Lieutenant and the Gunner killed in this action.”

Balzac looked shock. “The Captain died as well.”

The Admiral gave him a serious look. “You think he deserves one.”

Balzac face changed drastically. “No sir.”

“I don’t either, but he will get one just the same.” He exhaled sharply. “Captain Luther should have never been given a command. His entire career spent behind a desk. The only reason he was in command, Vice Admiral Oporto and him were friends.”

He stood up taking the report off the desk. He waved at the star chart on the wall. “We’ve lost eight ships in the Badlands since the beginning of last fall. The Thomas Walker is the first ship to come back after a lone engagement with the pirates. Trying to convince the Senate that there is a bigger problem out there is a waste of time. Nor will the High Command send us, anything larger than Escorts.”

He looked over his shoulders at Balzac. “It took balls to run a Gazelle a hundred meters off that planetoid surface! It took even bigger balls to piss off Oporto. I have to give that man credit. He knows what the hell he’s doing.”

“I think not sir.” Balzac sighed. “His actions were irresponsible, to say the least.”

“That stunt with the missile eh?” The admiral chuckled. “I wish I had a brain storm like that when I was an Ensign.”

“I meant he turned on the Corsair.” He looked angry. “It was clear he could have made it out of the asteroid field and jump long before the Corsair had a chance to catch him.
However, twice he engaged the Corsair without thought to the crew or ship. He saw it as an acceptable risk. That is a dangerous attitude to take sir!”

“You see something in him I don’t Commander.” He tossed the report on the desk. “He graduated from the Academy eighth in his class. He excelled in command, engineering, and science. He is what this command needs. Yet, you see his behavior as bit psychotic?”

“No sir.” Balzac looked at the star chart. “But under that cool calculating exterior lies a cold heart. He saw this engagement as vendetta and figured that if he could kill the corsair, he would make amends for the death of his fellow crewmen.”

The admiral sat on the corner of his desk. “You’re speaking from experience.”

“Yes sir.” He looked at Navarre. “Ankara should have seen the second Corsair. In addition, I know Stardin reviewed the combat log before returning. Leaving an officer on combat duty after it was clear he was buckling under the pressure is a serious flaw in a man who excelled in command.”

“I seem to remember…”

“That was different sir!” Balzac stood angrily. “We were at war and the rest of the command staff was either killed or injured!”

He slammed his fist on the desk. “He controlled the situation Alex. He forced the WO to work through his fear! By the gods Commander, give the man some credit!”

They stared at each other for a long minute. Balzac looked away. “That is why I am happy being your adjutant Greg. I know I will never be ready to command. I’m not willing to take the same risks you are with people.”

The Admiral threw up his hand and returned to his chair. “Assign Stardin a job on the base for the next three months. When the next Golf Class escorts arrive put him in command with a rookie crew.”

“Sir?” Balzac objected strongly with his voice. “That is a risk even the High Command wouldn’t take!”

“Then what do you suggest?” Navarre eyed him carefully. “Allow him to hand pick his crew?”

“No but it is a waste of resources.” Balzac frowned. “If you’re hell bent on giving him a command then have him take charge of the Thomas Walker with a rookie crew.”

He slid a paper across the desk. “The Walker is schedule to be recycled. I saw to it myself this morning. Now do as you are order Commander.”

Balzac saluted and turned to leave, Navarre adding. “I was willing to risk my career for a young ensign once and by the gods I’ll do it again just to prove to you that I was right, Alex…”

* * *
I'm expected to do the unexpected while striving to do the impossible.

"Do as you are told and nobody will get hurt." A quote from my wife.
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Old June 15th, 2011, 08:04 PM
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At space dock, Rigel Stardin watched as the tugs moved the Thomas Walker towards the transport ship. His mind reflected back on the six month he had served aboard her. An arrogant captain and the death of two crewmen had been the only drawback to his tour of duty.

He had done some research on the ship. It was named after an Ensign who had died in combat during the war with the Kafka Empire. It had served with distinction and awarded four battle stars for actions taken during that bloody war. The frame was twenty-nine years. Eighteen commanders including Captain Luther had commanded the ship during war and peace. Twenty-four men had died during actions on board her. He thought it was a shame it would enter the scrap yard off Darius without a fifth battle star. She deserved it after the hell she had been through.

No one in the Alliance or the Innerempires for that matter had realized the contribution the Escorts had given them. They patrolled the space lanes for smugglers, pirates and fought in military actions. Without them goods would not travel freely among the stars. They were the backbone and the workhorse of their navies. Most cadets and junior officers thought tours aboard them were less glamorous than service on the capital ships.

The Gazelle Class never had needed improved. The design had been around for a thousand years, because she fit her niche just fine. It was only in recent decades that the Gazelle 4s’ had made refinements to the old warhorse. The new stallions were the Golf Class, which the Transport now released from its docking clamps to make room for the Thomas Walker.

Sleeker in design and over all profile, she had been adapted to fill two roles. One as a missile platform and the other was a gunship. Both had proven themselves in the conflicts, which plague the Myanmar Federation coreward of the Innerempires. The Alliance had procured the design from a Far Trader who had strayed off course finding itself 800 light years of the beaten path. So wrote the company who built them for the Alliance Navy.

Rigel watched the Gazelle closely as the docking clamps extend to receive her. As was the custom of the Mariusan Imperial Navy, he snapped to attention saluting the Gazelle as the clamps touched her hull. The final jester made by the crew for a ship who had served under ones’ command with distinction during her tour of duty. A slow turned brought him face to face with Commander Balzac before he could finish the tradition. He continued to hold the salute until Balzac said, “At ease, Ensign.”

He lowered his hand as the Commander glanced out the viewport. “You paid for your ticket on the military transport. May I inquire to your reasoning behind it?”

“I am not here on official business. The transport officer stated that it was regulations that I paid.” Stardin remained at attention.

“You should have seen me first, Ensign.” Balzac walked by him to stand next to the viewport. “It is customary for the last commanding officer of the vessel to see his decommissioned vessel off in our navy. I suppose that jester was Mariusan form of the same.”

“You are correct, sir.” He turned to face the Commander.

He glanced over his shoulder. “If you are wondering about the Inquiry, the findings were sent to your quarters as of eighteen hundred hours.”

“Is there anything further sir?” He asked politely.

“One thing of concern.” He looked back out the viewport. “I have been informed by command you will be reassigned to base operations for the next three months. At that time, you will be reassigned to Golf Class Escort. Until then, I expect that you will perform your duties as an Officer in the Alliance Navy and not the Mariusan Imperial Navy. Is that clearly understood, Ensign.”

“Perfectly sir.”

He faced the Ensign expressing himself with angry eyes. “Good day.”

He walked off…

* * *

Back in his quarters, Stardin punched in the four digit personal access code before pulling the monitor from the recess of his bunk. The screen flashed prompting him to enter his code a second time before reading the findings of the board.

There was also a reprimand from Vice Admiral Oporto for his boldness when considering medals. It went on to say he had no right in submittal process because he had not the time in grade or the experience of command. In the future, he was to submit his request before filing them with High Command.

A smile crossed his face. He had given the citations base operations for review. Someone in the chain of command had seen his protest taking it at face value and submitted the form. He was willing to accept the reprimand knowing that someone at least thought like him.

The crew had given an accommodation for bravery under fire. They were all to be reassigned within the next few days. However, Ankara received the harshest judgment of the inquiry. He was reassigned logistical command. The closest he would come to combat would be on an armed transport....
I'm expected to do the unexpected while striving to do the impossible.

"Do as you are told and nobody will get hurt." A quote from my wife.
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Good stuff! A little proofreading would avoid distractions from a few typos, but I am very much looking forward to more of this.

Kudos and thanks.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Old June 19th, 2011, 09:13 AM
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99% of my problem with writing is proofreading.

I have always had a problem since, I tend to fill in the words without knowing it.
I'm expected to do the unexpected while striving to do the impossible.

"Do as you are told and nobody will get hurt." A quote from my wife.
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Old June 20th, 2011, 03:43 AM
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the thing that struck me was the dialog sentences with a ? at the end ..... your characters frequntly seem to answer a question with another question whereas a fullstop would work just fine

{quote} “You think at the inquiry they will fry our ass?” Tony looked up from the report.

“Hard to tell?” Stardin shrugged his shoulder and sat back.{end quote}

doesnt seem like Stardin is actually asking a question, even rhetorically

{quote}“Captain Luther had our evaluation in the computer before he was killed.” He slid it across the table. “He rated your performance as excellent. Mine however, is less than perfect?”
{end quote}

this may be rhetorical but it doesnt seem to be

overall though an interesting snippet
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Old June 25th, 2011, 03:06 PM
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SJWaldock Citizen

An interesting and exciting story so far. The typos are a mild irritation but don't take away from the story. I look forward to seeing where you go from here.
All jump-routes lead to Capital.
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